Queerly Beloved 2012

For quick info, forward yourself to the event page or check out the Facebook Event Page for the 4th installment of my pride party, Queerly Beloved! (or just buy the tickets for $7 already!)

Queerly Beloved started 4 years ago when throwing a party in my backyard with a few performances, some great DJs, and some Jell-O shots seemed like way more fun then going to any of the mainstream “Pride” parties in San Francisco.

Something about the normal “GLBT” community has always made me feel alienated – or worse, bored. Bud Light Beer Gardens and Work Out Protein Powder and Lesbian Cruise Ships don’t really fit my sexual orientation, my place in the world, or my relationship to being an out and proud queer person. I don’t like being pandered to as a statistic, nor do I see corporate sponsorships as empowering – if anything I find them exploitive and oppressive.

I have always loved Pride Week in San Francisco though, don’t get me wrong. The long sunburnt days at Delores Park, being a supportive friend or lover at the Trans March, playing out my inner dykeyness at the Dyke March – but as someone who has never used the terms “trans” or “dyke” – there still wasn’t anything that celebrated my queerness – genderqueer, nongendered, punky subversive, pansexual, kinkyfreaky, cock-loving, pussy-eating queer goodness.

So in pure Courtney form, I decided to Do It Myself. And that’s why Queerly Beloved exists – as a haven for the hedonistic, label-scratching, subversive queers who can’t be defined by the over-produced, mass produced Pride(tm) events. All genders are welcome – and I’m sure that even people who do fit in to the GLBT will have fun at the party, if not a total mind-blowing fun-drenched blast!

And fuck, has it been fun. In years past, the performances, DJs, and crowd have been incredible. I’ve had people come up to me and say “THIS IS MY FAVORITE PARTY OF THE YEAR” – and this year, our host El Rio has finally proclaimed it “El Rio’s Official Pride Party,” which can only mean great things for this event in the years to come.

THIS YEAR is going to be SO FUCKING GOOD. I have asked my lifelong “BFF” (sounds silly saying that at my age!) Jenna Riot to help me host the party and be our headlining celebrity DJ for the event. She’s AMAZING! Also, Feminist Porn Award HeartThrob winner James Darling will be gracing the stage to do a sexy solo boylesque stripper set (or maybe he will surprise us with something totally different!) and the Queen of Indie Burlesque, the young up and coming star Dorian Faust will also be dancing for us.

The big news? I will be making my way back up on stage for the first time in San Francisco, and the first time in 7 years. I wont get into the details of my act, but be prepared for a messy, slippery, sexy triumphant return to live performance. I am SO ready, my friends!

Pride is all about the sun shining down on us, and every year, my back-patio daytime dance party seems to be bigger, better, and brighter… I look forward to it all year long!

Check out the event page for a full list of performers, DJs, and other goodies (like the photobooth, free food, and door prizes) for the party, or go head over to Facebook to RSVP – or straight to Brown Paper Tickets to buy your tickets! ($7 online, $10 at the door!) and there WILL BE SUPER TOPSECRET GUESTS this year, so stay tuned…

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  1. I can not wait for Queerly Beloved! It is my favorite Pride weekend activity – that really resonates beyond your average event. I had so much fun dancing and entering the wet t-shirt contest last year. I am very excited to help orchestrate the kinky/kissing booth this year. Hhhhmmmm, what to wear, what to wear…

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