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The new TROUBLEfilms Theater is here!

Previously, a TROUBLEfilms membership served as a “network pass” granting access to QueerPorn.TV and IndiePornRevolution.Com.

The new Theater offers a new experience, consolidating content for the first time in my 20-year history. You’ll still have your login to the other sites, but we’ve added a completely new theater into the mix. Welcome to the TROUBLEfilms Theater!!!

A TROUBLEfilms Membership is the best way to support our indie porn and be a part of something special!

Many NoFauxxx photography features are already available, with more to come featuring refreshed galleries and stories behind the shoots. Revisiting photo shoots from 2002-2022 has been both enjoyable and challenging. I’m also introducing new photographic work to NoFauxxx and the TROUBLEfilms Theater, as my passion for still imagery remains constant. Expect weekly updates over the next year as we introduce fresh content and TROUBLEfilms classics to the Theater. These updates are already scheduled, ensuring the party is in full swing.

Welcome to, your destination for groundbreaking queer and indie porn curated by the visionary filmmaker Courtney Trouble.

by Courtney Trouble

At TroubleFilms, we believe in celebrating the beauty of sexual diversity through an eclectic mix of gonzo porn, artistic short films, softcore, erotic photo sets, high-production cinematic sex scenes, and avant-garde video gold.

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  1. Unlimited Access: Dive into our exclusive collection of ethically produced feminist porn, curated to ignite your imagination and satisfy your deepest desires.
  2. Empowering Content: From intimate solo performances to boundary-breaking group scenes, our films celebrate diverse bodies, desires, and identities, ensuring that everyone sees themselves reflected in the beauty of sexual expression.
  3. Regular Updates: Our library is constantly expanding with new, provocative content. As a member, you’ll always be the first to access our newest scenes and films.

As a member of TroubleFilms, you gain exclusive access to a treasure trove of content that challenges conventional norms and celebrates authentic sexual expression. Our diverse categories provide something for everyone, whether you’re in the mood for raw intensity or sensual exploration.

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Keeping TROUBLEfilms sustainable relies heavily on DIY efforts. Building this website has been a multi-year endeavor, with ongoing work to strengthen billing, security, and explore avenues for grant writing and fundraising to support our ambitious goals. While queer porn is gradually gaining recognition, it still lacks the funding and profits enjoyed by mainstream companies. Your support sustains my commitment to this lifelong project.

It’s a privilege to create porn that reflects queer love, fosters creative expression for sex workers and performers, and builds community around diverse identities. With exciting new scenes, fresh interpretations of classic works, and a robust weekly update schedule, 2024 holds promise. Stay tuned for upcoming films and major announcements. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

xoxo Courtney Trouble

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Here you’ll find TROUBLEfilms’ most dynamic hardcore XXX adult films features trans women, trans men, dyke porn, pegging porn, BDSM, squirting, fisting, and more. Everything we post is made by queer sex workers, with showcase scenes either shot by or curated by the master porn curator Courtney Trouble!

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TROUBLEfilms is a community unlike any other. Our member’s area boasts an exclusive collection of queer porn made by queer porn stars. In punk houses, slumber parties, and pride protests around the world, QPTV porn scenes bring you everywhere our lusty queerions want to go. Won’t you join us?

But what sets TroubleFilms apart isn’t just the content—it’s the community. By joining us, you become part of a movement dedicated to promoting inclusivity, empowerment, and artistic freedom within the adult industry. Our commitment to ethical production practices ensures that everyone involved is treated with respect and fairness.

Join TroubleFilms today and experience the revolution of queer and indie porn firsthand. Embrace the beauty of sexual diversity, challenge the status quo, and celebrate the freedom to be authentically you.