Join me for FAT SEX in Toronto on April 22nd at Come As You Are!

A discussion-oriented sex-positive salon for folks of all sizes, Fat Sex is a safe space for fat people and our friends to talk about our bodies and desires – including topics like body positivity, self esteem politics, fetishization/ hyper-sexualization, erotica/performance, and tips, tricks, and techniques for having fat sex! This interactive workshop will not be an academic lecture, but an inclusive brainstorm session and interactive discussion about fat sex, body politics, and the ‘body posi revolution!’

People of all genders and orientations welcome.

When: Sunday, April 22, 2012 7-8:30PM
Where: Come As You Are
Cost:$25/person (Sliding Scale Available)

Buy tickets online!

Courtney Trouble has been a porn star, peepshow stripper, burlesque dancer, and fashion model – all while hovering over a solid and ridiculously sexy size 14. A queer femme, Trouble has radicalised their body as something to be seen and shared in order to bring awareness to fat sexuality. Courtney wrote zines on fatness and hosted an online community called Fat Girl Break Down as a teen before stumbling into size-positive erotic photography in 2002. The recently participated in Marilyn Wann’s “I Stand” Health at Every Size campaign, and posed nude on a busy street corner for the cover of the SF Bay Guardian. Trouble identifies as street smart, not book smart – and prioritises the importance of personal experience, crowd-sourced information, and the interactivities of experience and emotion. Courtney owns the award-winning porn sites NoFauxxx.Com and QueerPorn.TV, and has directed 13 adult films featuring performers of all sizes.

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