TROUBLEfilms picks up Distribution of Doing It Ourselves and The Genderfellator

San Francisco, CA – Ethical porn production and distribution company TROUBLEfilms is pleased to carry the work of director Tobi Hill-Meyer. This exciting collaboration will open new avenues for both companies, and make Hill-Meyer’s films more readily available to her quickly growing fan base.

Tobi Hill-Meyer’s films Doing It Ourselves: The Trans Women Porn Project and The Genderfellator, produced by Handbasket Productions, are available for wholesale through TROUBLEfilms immediately, adding to Courtney Trouble’s films Live Sex Show and Fuckstyles. Contact to place your order now.

Trouble has been a major player in showcasing queer identity and transsexual performers in ethically made independant porn, and is strongly supportive of trans women’s presence in the industry, especially in cases where performers get the chance to define their own terms and represent themselves on screen.

“This new partnership is an opportunity to bring two smaller businesses together to become a larger force in the industry at large, while bringing awareness to the importance of inclusion and positive representation in the adult industry,” says Trouble. “I am enthusiastic about opening new avenues for trans women’s representation.”

“Before I started making porn, I looked around at what existed and I was disappointed,” said Tobi. “Mainstream transsexual porn felt like a straight male fantasy and didn’t represent the trans women that I knew, and feminist and queer porn seemed to barely represent trans women at all.  I focus my work on letting trans women represent their sexuality the way they want to see themselves represented.”

“I can’t wait to see what we can do together,” says Tobi. “Look out porn world, here we come.”


Tobi Hill-Meyer, has directed and produced Doing It Ourselves, the first queer/feminist porn film made by and for trans women and their partners, and The Genderfellator, a plot-driven, pornographic sci-fi parody. Tobi was honored with the Feminist Porn Awards 2010 Emerging Filmmaker Award for her work on Doing It Ourselves, and The Gendercator received an Honorable Mention in 2011.
Twitter: @Tobitastic

Handbasket Productions is a radical media collective focusing on queer culture, trans experience and sex positivity. Spanning non-fiction, fiction, and fantasy genres, we use books, zines, films, music and other art to cover a variety of topics including sex work, polyamory, racism and queerspawn experience.

Courtney Trouble is an erotic film-maker, photographer, and porn performer who is largely known for their genre-defining “queer porn,” a term that was born from Trouble’s ground-breaking site NoFauxxx.Com, established in 2002. Trouble has received multiple Feminist Porn Awards and AVN Awards nominations.
Twitter: @courtneytrouble

TROUBLEfilms is a porn production company that focuses on sex-positive, diverse, and authentic representation headed by award-winning pornographer Courtney Trouble. Established in 2011, TROUBLEfilms plans to add more alternative, queer, feminist, and indie heterosexual titles by Courtney Trouble and others to its catalog throughout 2012 and beyond.


  1. Dear Courtney Trouble,

    I saw one of your films (“Anchor and Anatomic”) at the “Briefs” film competition the East Bay Express put on a while back and I loved it so much I had to tell you. I had never seen anything like it, where the people in the porno were sooo genuinely hot for each other and it was shot so artistically. It was by far the hottest film I’ve ever seen. Very impressed. & please pass along my love to the adorable guys who shared their hot sexy love with all of us.


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