Awards Season and Film Festivals!

me and Tobi Hill-Meyer at the Feminist Porn Awards


There is so much going on right now, I don’t want to bombard you with individual posts about every little thing, so here’s an amazing list of what’s going on this awards season and film festival season!

My documentary (made with Tina Horn) What Makes Us Queer, is making a delicious trip through the film festivals this year – including one I’m REALLY excited about – San Francisco’s penultimate film festival Frameline! WHOA! Visit our page on Frameline for more information.

What Makes Us Queer is only available to be seen on the queer porn DVD Fuckstyles – or at the festivals it’s playing this summer. Aside from Frameline you can see it at the touring Best of Cinikink (where it won best Experimental Short) in Las Vegas on June 9th, or the PERV festival in Australia, and a few extra sepcial festivals coming up that I can’t announce yet – but whew! this movie’s getting around.

And of course, Fuckstyles won Most Deliciously Diverse Cast at this year’s Feminist Porn Awards, and one of it’s stars James Darling took home the coveted Hearthrob of the year Awards from them as well. That was a big win and of course, I adore the FPAs and all that they stand for. I am enjoying watching them grow into an event that the mainstream adult industry looks toward while maintaining their feminist beliefs. Watch QueerPorn.TV’s acceptance speech here.

Speaking of awards, The Erotic Awards in London just released their nominations for thier prestigious awards ceremony happening on May 25th, and my biggest indie porn site NoFauxxx.Com has been nominated in the WEBSITE category. The other nominees come from all over the globe and include my friend Jiz Lee – take a look! I could spend all night discovering all these new people, places, and publications. See all the Erotic Awards nominees here.

And finally, but kind of the most interesting as far as “Courtney Trouble News” goes – I have been nominated as best Nightlife Photographer by the California Nightlife Awards for my party-positive photobooths from Hard French. Although I have retired from the monthly parties (I work too much!) I am still very much connected to this party, which is run by a collective of queer folks of color and my dear friends Devon and Tom Temprano. (Temprano is DJing my wedding!) The awards take place on May 31st and the photographer award will be chosen by the people – so if you go, please vote for me! 🙂

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