A Delectable Feast of Queer BDSM: New Release “The Dinner Party” by Chelsea Poe and TROUBLEfilms is on sale now!

Welcome to “The Dinner Party” a tantalizing new film brought to you by TROUBLEfilms. Directed and self-directed by the queen of trans BDSM porn, Chelsea Poe, this cinematic journey invites viewers to immerse themselves in a world of hot queer sex and submission. Prepare to indulge your senses as we explore the depths of desire, power dynamics, and the intimate connections forged through pleasure and pain.

Unveiling the Scene: In this captivating film, Ruby Riots orchestrates an extraordinary dinner party for their most sadistic friends. The spotlight falls on Chelsea Poe, their submissive, who becomes the centerpiece of the evening’s entertainment. Brace yourself for an experience that pushes boundaries and leaves an indelible mark on the senses.

Exposing Vulnerability: With a sense of anticipation hanging in the air, Chelsea finds herself bent over the dinner table, willingly surrendering to the gaze of the ravenous guests. The atmosphere crackles with excitement as she is exposed, caressed, and disciplined in front of the intrigued onlookers. Ruby, the consummate host, generously allows Lux Fury to partake in the pleasure, resulting in an awe-inspiring strap-on blowjob that leaves everyone spellbound.

Beneath the Surface: In a daring twist, the film takes us beneath the table, where Chelsea is drawn into a world of secret desires. She eagerly explores the depths of Ruby’s throbbing, wet ecstasy, as submission and pleasure intertwine in a symphony of sensuality. The power dynamics and the merging of identities create an erotic atmosphere that captivates the imagination.

Playing with Desire: As the dinner guests are invited to partake in the festivities, the scene transforms into a seductive play with food. Cream puffs, strawberry sauce, and whipped cream become tantalizing tools, arousing both senses and desires. With each sensual encounter, Chelsea’s boundaries are tested, leading her to the brink of ecstasy while embracing the vulnerability of submission.

The Climactic Crescendo: Guided by their own desires and instincts, Chelsea Poe expertly directs herself through an unforgettable crescendo of sensations. The flickering flames of candles meet her sensitive skin, creating an intoxicating blend of pleasure and pain. Through three courses of dessert and three candles of wax, Chelsea’s desire intensifies, culminating in an explosive orgasm that washes over her, leaving her drenched in pure ecstasy.

“The Dinner Party” is a groundbreaking film that explores the intersection of pleasure, power, and sexual liberation in the realm of queer BDSM. Self-directed by the creative force of Chelsea Poe, shot on three cameras by the award-winning artist Courtney Trouble, and brought to you by the TROUBLEfilms network, this cinematic masterpiece invites viewers to indulge in a world of unapologetic desire and unbridled passion. Prepare to be captivated by the raw intensity of this film, as it pushes boundaries and leaves an unforgettable imprint on the landscape of queer adult cinema.

Courtney Trouble hosts Queerly Beloved Pride 2023 with a Live Performance by Peaches! Tickets On Sale Now!

Courtney Trouble and PEACHES Queerly Beloved: A Queer Dance Party and Pride Event 

San Francisco, CA – Queer porn icon Courtney Trouble is hosting Queerly Beloved Pride 2023 with a very special guest, international underground icon Peaches! 

Queerly Beloved, a dance party and pride event run by queer femmes and celebrating queer sexuality of all flavors, is taking over 1015 Folsom on June 25th, 2023. This event features a line-up of incredible queer and non-binary performers, including headliner Peaches, a Toronto-born, Berlin-based musician and performance artist, SF local hip-hop legend Micahtron, and a staggering line-up of seven DJs: Your Muther, Saint Hills, Romy, StanleyFrankSensation, Ethicaldrvgs, DJ Durt, and Siobhan Aluvalot! 

Peaches’ eclectic, provocative electro-clash music, sexually-infused lyrics, and subversive, gender-bending performances are legendary. Her breakthrough single, “F—k the Pain Away,” from her second album, The Teaches of Peaches (2000), solidified her place in the pantheon of queer and feminist icons. 

Fun fact! Courtney Trouble and Peaches have worked together before. Check out their unforgettable performance together in Peaches’ music video “RUB,” in which Courtney Trouble stars.

Peaches: RUB Uncensored Music Video

1015 Folsom is a four-story venue with five distinct club rooms, which calls for some special collaborations! It’s Queerly, you won’t just be waiting for Peaches!  Queerly Beloved has hooked up with 7 of our favorite underground DJs from LA and SS, and brought in two of our favorite queer events, Club Mercy in LA and VAMP in SF, to bring you incredible pop-up parties-inside-our-party! The Club Mercy pop-up on the bottom floor will feature BDSM, drag, and burlesque by legendary BDSM performer Bettie Bondage, while the VAMP pop-up upstairs will feature sultry curvaceous strippers and grinding vibes by special guest DJ VAMP resider Saint Hills!

“We want to create spaces for others who feel like corporate Pride events can be overwhelming and alienating,” says Courtney Trouble, who was inspired to host  Queerly Beloved in 2009 as a way to create space for queer folks to celebrate during San Francisco Pride Week, away from the corporate-sponsored mainstream activities. “Queerly Beloved is run by women and femmes, trans and non-binary people, queer sex workers, QTBIPOC, people of size, and folks of every gender. Hate will NOT be tolerated!”                    

Tickets for Queerly Beloved are available now at 1015.com. Don’t miss out on this incredible night of music, dance, and celebration of queer culture! 

This year we are beyond proud to announce we are able to benefit the TGI Justice Project!!! For more information about TGI Justice Project, visit tgijp.org

Queerly Beloved has no corporate sponsors, but we couldn’t do this without TROUBLEfilms, Club Mercy, Lex Criox, VAMP, or 1015 Folsom!

For media inquiries, please contact Courtney Trouble at courtneytrouble@gmail.com

Queerly Beloved on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/queerlybelovedsf/

Website: queerlybelovedparty.com

Courtney Trouble hosts
Very Special Guest

✨ At 1015 Folsom ✨

YOUR MUTHER @yourmuther
MICAHTRON @micahtronsf

hosted by COURTNEY TROUBLE @courtneytrouble

SIOBHAN ALOVALOT @siobhanaluvalot
DJ DURT @durtypants
EthicalDrvgs @ethicaldrvgs
Romy @romyohh
STANLEY FRANK SENSATION @stanleyfranksensation

Expect the Unexpected. ✨⚡️✨

Sinn Sage and TROUBLEFilms Releasing ‘Strap On Sinners 3: All Stars

The sultry Sinn Sage has an exciting new release coming on Monday, May 1st. “Strap On Sinners 3: All Stars” can be found along with the first two releases of the series at Sinn-Sage.com and troublefilms.com/shop.

Strap On Sinners 3: All Stars” has five scenes starring some of the hottest stars in the industry, as Sinn dons her strap-on to take her partners to the heights of pleasure with her cock. In “Strap On Sinners 3: All Stars,” Sinn co-stars with industry heavyweights Cherie DeVille, Lena Paul, Kenna James, Emily Addison, and Angel Dark.

“This time around, I really wanted to showcase the many sexy talents of some of the award-winning performers I’ve been blessed enough to make scenes with,” Sinn commented.  “Strap On Sinners 3: All Stars does just that, highlighting just a few of the best lesbian sex performers in the industry. These scenes really display the different ways in which sapphic pleasures can be expressed and enjoyed, and the chemistry is absolutely on fire in this release! I feel so lucky to have been able to take my cock to all of these incredible women.”

trailer for Strap On Sinners 3: All Stars

Courtney Trouble said, “I’m beyond excited that Sinn Sage is presenting another ‘Strap On Sinners’ – this series is perfect for Sinn’s brand and so important for the lesbian porn genre! It’s really crucial to have porn out there that shows genuine love for the showcased sex acts and Sinn Sage does that with strap-on content. She loves making it, and you can really tell, and as a queer person watching her strap-on scenes myself, I know what I’m watching is reflecting my own desires and my own sex life. This is real lesbian porn and another classic for Sinn!”

“Performers really need their accomplishments shown off,” says TROUBLEfilms rep Chelsea Poe. “This is girl/girl porn dreams! I’m glad Sinn keeps releasing new volumes of Strap On Sinners.”

Sinn Sage and Kenna James in Strap On Sinners 3: All Stars

TROUBLEfilms Releases Full-Length Film Slippery Sluts with New Director Adora Bell!

Trouble Films has released its latest film, “Slippery Sluts,” directed by the talented Adora Bell. This all-female cast film explores the art of using Nuru gel and coconut oil to create a fun and pleasurable atmosphere for the actresses while promoting body positivity and inclusivity.

With a runtime of 2 hours and 6 minutes, “Slippery Sluts” stars Adora Bell, Sinn Sage, Courtney Trouble, Chelsea Poe, Zuri Love, and Sydney Screams. This impressive lineup of performers delivers a sensual, playful, and messy performance that is sure to leave viewers satisfied and wanting more.

According to Courtney Trouble, the owner of Trouble Films, “Slippery Sluts” is an amazing film that embodies the values of body positivity and inclusivity that Trouble Films is known for. “Adora Bell’s direction and the cast’s performance in this film is absolutely amazing, and I am proud to release it through our platform,” Trouble stated.

The film is available for download in MP4 format on troublefilms.com/shop.

This series showcases big butts, hairy pussies, oily feet, oily tits, oily bellies, and everything in between. From finger blasting and pussy fucking to dildo play and thigh highs, there’s no shortage of tantalizing action. Watch as the performers pleasure each other with a variety of toys, including the hitachi, vibrator, and lesbian double-ended dildo. The chemistry between these curvy, thick, and chubby babes is undeniable, with plenty of moaning, kissing, and make out sessions that are sure to make your heart race.

From Sinn Sage and Adora Bell‘s intense scissoring and squirting scene to Chelsea Poe and Adora Bell’s erotic oily wrestling, the film offers a variety of scenes that showcase the actresses’ different body types, hair preferences, and ethnicities. Adora Bell’s goal in creating the film was to uplift the community and to show how sex can be fun and playful, regardless of body types, genders, or sexual orientations. The film is a great representation of queer porn that embraces diversity and promotes body positivity.

“Growing up, I loved nothing more than getting messy and rolling in the mud with my friends. As an adult, I’ve discovered new materials like Nuru Gel and Coconut Oil that allowed me to indulge that childlike desire in a more adult, sensual way. It was like adding an outer layer of being coated and messy and gross while doing something naughty and laughing with friends. And not only did it make me feel good, but I was able to make others feel good too, even those just watching. Starting porn was an expression of self-love and community uplifting for me. It was important for me to show how attractive all kinds of bodies are. That’s why Slippery Sluts is such a great representation of that. It showcases the beauty and sexiness of trans women, women of different ages, colors, and body hair preferences. I wanted to convey the message that porn and sex can be fun, silly, and playful. After all, it’s sex! It should make you smile and feel good. My hope in creating Slippery Sluts was to make people feel good about their bodies and who they are. I wanted to empower them to be different and playful and have sex with others with no shame. Because being different is what makes us unique and beautiful. And it’s important to celebrate that.”

– Adora Bell, director/producer of Slippery Sluts

For press inquiries or more information about “Slippery Sluts” and other Trouble Films productions, contact info@troublefilms.com. Don’t miss out on this fantastic film that celebrates pleasure, positivity, and inclusivity.

New Release Chelsea Submits 2 Explores Chelsea Poe’s Kinky Obsession With Objectification!

TROUBLEfilms is celebrating the release of Chelsea Submits 2 today, get your download at troublefilms.com/shop!

“The idea of objectification has always been a huge kink of mine, and Chelsea Submits 2 explores many of the ways I love to get used,” says Chelsea about the particularly kinky, dehumanizing fantasies played out in Chelsea Submits 2. “Chelsea Submits 2 is my directorial exploration of being a submissive lesbian femme, I hope it resonates with people of all genders and sexualities. Thank you so much for supporting my story-telling!”

Chelsea Submits stars Chelsea Poe in three epic lesbian BDSM scenes starring Sinn Sage, Courtney Trouble, and Ruby Riots!

Starring: Chelsea Poe, Sinn Sage, Ruby Riots, Courtney Trouble
Shot by: Courtney Trouble, Drake Man’O’War
Studio: TROUBLEfilms/Chelsea Poe Productions
Length: 59 minutes
Format: MP4 stream or download

Ruby Riots Submits to Sinn and Drake in Newest QueerPorn.TV/TROUBLEfilms Scene!


Queer Porn TV has released a new scene that’s sure to make you feel deeply aroused and ready for some sexy sex sling action yourself. Ruby Riots is let out of their cage to play with Sinn and Drake who both are poised for action with their flesh and silicone dicks. You’ll love what they do to their little pet, who looks precious in light blue lingerie.

Shot by Courtney Trouble and Chelsea Poe, available for members of QueerPorn.Tv and TROUBLEfilms.Com!


Also available to purchase