Sinn Sage Releases Second Volume of Best-Selling Hitachi Cum Contest Compilation with TROUBLEfilms!

This December, enjoy a toasty new release from TROUBLEfilms and Sinn Sage Studios, one that fans have been waiting a long time for! Hitachi Cum Contest Volume 2 has hit the digital shelves exclusively through the online shops of TROUBLEfilms and Sinn Sage and boasts over 1 hour and 20 minutes of mind-boggling back to back cumming.

“I just love playing these orgasm competition games with my hot costars! It’s as raw and as real as it gets!” says Sinn Sage, who has collected enough cum contests for a third and fourth volume in upcoming years. “It’s so fun staring into my competition’s eyes, thinking I’m definitely going to get her, but then suddenly I’m cumming before I even know it!”

This full-length film features Sinn Sage with Emily Addison, Charlotte Sartre, Ariel X, Leigh Raven, Kendra James, Luna Zane, Crystal Clark, Sheena Rose, Samantha Grace, and Asia Perez, buzzing it out of their favorite ultra-stong vibrator to see who cums first. There are at least 20 orgasms that we can count in this back-to-back cum contest compilation!

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East Bay Brats 4 Nominated for a 2023 AVN Award!

The brats are back, with East Bay Brats 4 earning a nomination for the 2023 AVN Awards this month!

East Bay Brats 4 stars all of the original cast of the previous 3 films (Lita Lecherous, Ruby Riots, Chelsea Poe, Courtney Trouble, and Jupiter Jetson) culminating in an all-femme queer BDSM session that’s full of revenge, worship, training, testing, and deliciously cruel torment.

Watch Lita Lecherous return and demand respect from the rest of the brats in East Bay Brats 4, affectionately titled “Lita’s Revenge”. The femme 4 femme queer BDSM series continues with a fourth volume that’s all about testing limits and getting revenge after Mistress Lita returns from a long time away at the dungeon. What she sees does not please her – Courtney and Ruby have tried to take over, and Nova’s aching to become the next supreme mistress of the fuck club! Lita’s not having it, and enacts her revenge on each of the brats accordingly. 

In 2022, the AVN Awards nominated East Bay Brats 1-3 for Best BDSM Series. “This really just nails home for us here at TROUBLefilms that we are making something interesting and exciting,” says TROUBLEfilms creator Courtney Trouble. “We’re all loving the kink content we’re making in-house and all of us are very encouraged to keep exploring and improving our craft any time a nomination comes through! So, thank. you sincerely for noticing us.”

The AVN Awards take place in Las Vegas in January 2023. The East Bay Brats Collective will be in attendance, come see us on the ResortsWorld red carpet oh so soon and watch in person or online to see who wins!! (Fun fact: Whenever we do win, it will be our first!) Here are all of the 2023 AVN Award Nominations!

To reach out to the East Bay Brats or TROUBLEfilms please email info at!

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Sinn Sage Tells TROUBLEfilms Why She Loved Making Sinn & Drake’s Strap On Threesomes SO Much!

We spoke with Sinn Sage about her newest film Sinn & Drake’s Strap on Threesomes, where she and her husband get together with four porn starlets for a fun female-centered threesome – often culminating in some double penetration where Sinn and Drake are rubbing up against each other inside their lovely costars!

What makes working with your partner so special for you?

While I will always passionately adore making love to babes on my own, doing it with the love of my life is one of the most fun and pleasurable things I can imagine. The fact that my life partner Drake actually encouraged and inspired me to don the strap-on for some threesomes is just the icing on the cake of this super horny and real threesome adventure film! Maybe I’m just lucky, but after 11 years of being with my love, I still find him desperately sexy and attractive and I love to fuck him and I love to share!

How was Strap On Threesomes made?

All the scenes were shot with performers we consider our personal, real-life friends. These were all girls with whom we have gone to parties and events with, just because we love them in real life! One scene was even done just completely spontaneously, and it is so much fun to know that as a couple, our friends trust us and actually WANT to hook up with us. That genuine desire and chemistry shows through in the movie, and shows how much fun group sex can be.

Everything was shot in the comfort of our own home. Two scenes in the bedroom, and two scenes on the couch. I love when I can make something so intimate and real, a little window into our actual life, because it IS our real life, in our real home!

What’s your favorite thing that’s going down in this film?

Double Penetration: when I put on my dick and my husband’s got his dick, we can play with the world of double penetration – and we DO in this movie! Whether it’s your standard definition of one in the pussy and one in the ass, or the double vag, or the spit roast, we get to explore all the different variations but without that overwhelming male energy of two cis males being involved. Also, does a train count?? (I penetrate my partner while Drake penetrates me. . . yup that happens!)

This is another film of yours that has you wearing a strap on a lot, what does it mean to you to get to wear one so often in your porn?

I get to have my strap-on in every single scene (at least for the first half!). I truly enjoy all types of scenes, that’s why I’m out here sharing my sex life with y’all. But there is something really special for me when I put on my cock. I always get it strapped on and cinched up, then I get a little lube in my hand so I can stroke myself before we start. When I do that, I’m connecting the mental with the physical. I’m tuning into my psychic dick. I start to feel it in my clit, pulsating – it’s like it mentally grows into my cock. Then when I’m using it, that comes through because for me it IS real, and viewers can see I’m loving it just as much as Drake is. As they say, the biggest sex organ is the MIND!


Chelsea Poe guest stars on The Performer Podcast with guest host Courtney Trouble!

After many many interviews with porn performers on her podcast The Performer Podcast, Chelsea Poe decides to be a guest on her own podcast and asks longtime friend and collaborator Courtney Trouble to be the guest host. This 90-minute episode covers Chelsea’s career in mainstream, queer, and indie porn and goes deep on why Amsterdam means so much to her.

Sinn Sage Studios Releases “Sinn And Drake’s Strap-On Threesomes” with TROUBLEfilms!

Sinn Sage proudly announces Sinn And Drake’s Strap-On Threesomes. Presented by Sinn Sage Studios and TROUBLEfilms, the video features award-winning performer Sinn Sage alongside her husband Drake Man’O’War in sexy threeways with gorgeous girls Charlotte Sartre, Summer Hart, Kaiia Eve, and Lita Lecherous. Inviting beautiful women into the bedroom for fun and pleasure is thrilling, but adding a strap-on turns the sex session into an unforgettable adventure.

“With our love for women, it didn’t take long into our relationship for Drake and I to discover that threesomes were our main kink,” said Sinn. “The real revelation was when we introduced my strap-on into play during a group sex scenario in our personal life! Now, I could really experience the best of all my worlds, and the first scene where he penetrates me as I penetrate another babe is in this movie. Now my cock makes an appearance in our personal and professional threeways, and it’s wild fun for everyone involved!”

“What I love so much about sharing a partner with my husband Drake is that rather than myself and the other girl focusing all of our attention onto him, Drake and I really lavish our partner with all the attention. She becomes the primary focus of our sexual desires, really subverting the standard trope of most threesomes being very male-centered. The goal here is to embrace a bisexual female gaze: something women, queer folks, and even couples can enjoy and get off to together.”

“The great part about this movie is it’s no different from our personal life, as both of us have the same lusting for women,” Drake added. “The dynamic is very easy-going – we both share in the pleasure of the female, as opposed to what you tend to see in a lot of mainstream Male/Female/Female scenes. In every scene in this movie, you can imagine us picking up our third and bringing her home to play with us. This is how we really share partners in our bedroom. You really wanna know what it’s like to bang us? Watch this movie!”

Noted Courtney Trouble of TROUBLEfilms, “There’s double penetration, stacking, and daisy chains in this movie so inviting and sexy it will make you want to call up Sinn and Drake yourself to see if they’ve got any openings!!! This film leaves me fully satisfied but also wanting to see more porn for bisexual babes on the shelves! Bring on the G/G/B!”

Sinn And Drake’s Strap-On Threesomes contains four scenes and runs over two hours. Adults can purchase and download the video at TROUBLEfilms and Sinn-Sage.Com exclusively – a wide release to VOD

Get ready for a strap-on playdate! There is always room for one more in Sinn And Drake’s bedroom. Experience passion-filled performances in the hot new release Sinn And Drake’s Strap-On Threesomes!

  • Sinn and Drake's Strap On Threesomes
Trailer: Sinn and Drake’s Strap On Threesomes

Lita Lecherous Offers Up Three Super Sexy Hardcore Fuck Scenes with Joshua Lewis, Will Tile, Kaiia Eve, Drake Man’O’War and Sinn Sage!

Needing some Lita Lecherous porn? Switchy professional sex kitten Lita Lecherous has three brand new hardcore scenes up for grabs in our clip store, make sure you check them out and support Lita in her sluttiness! You can buy even more clips from Lita directly, or join her website for a member’s only unlimited viewing experience at LecherousLita.Com! These three Lita Lecherous porn scenes all come to you directly from her limited, exclusive content collection.

Lita Lecherous Pool Fuck With Joshua Lewis

“My new friend Joshua Lewis is being oh so helpful cleaning my new pool. It gets hot out in the Vegas sun, so I invite him to sneak off and take a well earned break with me. I am just so grateful for all his help, and I can’t help but show him with a nasty blowjob. His cock is just soo pretty in my mouth! After just a few minutes of sloppy toppy he can’t take it anymore and bends me over for a hard fucking on the deck. Before you know it, we are both naked going at it like crazy poolside! I ride his dick so good, it isn’t too long before he’s spraying a hot load of cum all over my face!”

Lita and Kaiia Eve Fuck Will Tile

I just couldn’t wait to share Will Tile’s massive cock with my size queen bestie Kaiia Eve! After a sloppy double blowjob with lot’s of gagging, we take turns stretching out our tiny pussies with his big dick. Kaiia Eve is a total pro at taking huge cocks – and she isn’t shy about giving me a few pointers. I practically melt on Will’s cock when she tells me to cum over and over. This hookup features lot’s of dirty talk, choking, slapping, cock riding, deep throating, and cum swapping with two tattooed hotties!

Late Night Cravings with Sinn Sage and Drake Man’O’War

My friends Sinn Sage and Drake ManO’War invited me back to their place for a late night snack after a naughty pool party…and how could I resist? I love when they fuck me, it’s always so passionate and fun. We start off making out on their couch, working one another up for the hot fucking that’s about to begin. It isn’t long before they are taking their turns spit roasting me in doggy! Sinn climbs on top of Drake, and rides him while I tease and suck on her clit. Eventually he can’t take it anymore and busts inside her! It’s time for my snack, and I enjoy licking his thick load out of her warm juicy pussy…and share it with her over a steamy kiss. Our cravings satisfied, we all collapse onto the couch.

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