We can hardly contain ourselves, the AVN Awards have gifted us with a 2013 nomination for…


A message from our fearless leader, Courtney Trouble:

Indie Porn Revolution, the site that I called No Fauxxx (no fakes!) when it launched exactly ten years ago this month, got a grand nomination for Best Alternative Porn Site. FUCK YEAH! My 18 year old self was struggling so much with this idea that my body, in all of it’s fatness and queerness, wasn’t worth showing. After countless rejections from “alt porn” sites, I fought back by starting my own – a site where anyone of any gender, size, race, or subculture affiliations could revel in their own unique sexiness and define, or undefine, themselves. I never, ever thought that this all-inclusive, all-over-the-place porn format would become common-place, or even duplicated by anyone anywhere ever at all. Needless to say, porn has shifted – and now a site built on fighting stereotypes, body shaming, white-washing, and queer-bashing with gorgeous images moving and still of people who refuse to fake it – has truly started the revolution of it’s new name-sake. Recognized by AVN as one of the best Alt Porn sites is huge, because now indie porn IS alt porn. Feminist-made, art-driven, anti-oppression building, revolution-starting porn IS the new alternative porn. We are living it and loving it, and somehow I feel like a major goal has been reached. The fight has been acknowledged. And accepted.

Courtney Trouble will be present at the awards, which take place on January 19th 2013 in Las Vegas. If you like, you can cheer us on from the fan areas on the red carpet at the Hard Rock, or just show us your love in the comments area below!

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