Trans*SeXXXual Party Photo Booth Pics

Last week I had the esteemed honor of doing a public/private photo booth at a play party called TRANS*SEXXXUAL – A Trans Female-Spectrum Centred Film Screening and Play Party hosted by my dear friend Tobi Hill-Meyer. The premise behind the play party was that is was open to everyone – but for the first hour, only trans women and their play partners were welcome in the open space. Tobi (and her party-planning cohorts) has been revolutionizing the way that the queer community, particularly the queer/lesbian/ladies/women community, interacts with their trans members – directly improving the communities’ inclusion and sexual interactions with our trans sisters!! This work is important and I am honored to have been invited into the space and take photos of this history-making party. I have never seen so many incredibly sexy trans people playing, fucking, making out, groping, kissing, smiling, and partying, all in one place. It was an AMAZING party!

Now, photos at a play party, you say, now isn’t that a little oh, I don’t know, against the rules??  Not when you’ve been invited to design a discreet, playful and plush BLANKET FORT in the corner of the warehouse  with a sign up sheet for consent! One by one, or five by five, people shuffled in and out of the magical blanket fort, posing for photos to be seen by all of you lovely fans, and then a few just for the privacy of their own homes.

Here are the photos I was allowed to post in all their queer blanket fort glory, and thanks again to Tobi Hill-Meyer for hosting, Charlie Spats and Mic Sass for helping me built the fort, and to all the volunteers and guests at the play party who made this night so special.

If you are in any of these photos, please feel free to save them and share them wherever you like. Additionally, if there’s something you want taken down – email me at courtneytrouble at gmail and I’ll make sure it gets done ASAP!

p.s. You may not believe this, but this ain’t my first time in the making-porn-at-a-play-party rodeo. Check out this scene on IndiePornRevolution.Com that was shot at a play party in Toronto!

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