If you know me at all, you know I’m in love with the films of Carlos Batts, and you also know that April Flores and Kelly Shibari are probably my two favorite women in Porn Valley. So you can imagine how crazy wet and excited I got when C. Batts invited me to fuck both of them in his new self-released film ARTCORE – this film is the evolution of hardcore pornography, drawing inspiration from both the fluidity of queer porn as well as a sinful parody on the way technology is used in pornography.

I just finished watching my scene on HotMoviesForHer, and I’ve got to tell you – both the sex and the way the film is made blew me away. I watched myself fuck April and Kelly in three different video formats with three different sex toys (the Hitachi, an nJoy Pure Wand, and of course a big fat strap-on!), and the way everything is edited together is really fucking awesome.

So, a scene breakdown. The first thing you’ll see is me kissing and sucking on Kelly’s nipples in an homage to lesbian porn, except we’re really enjoying the Playboy-style exchange and giggle our way through it until we get to some real sex. Then you’ll see Kelly placing April and I, both dressed up as twinsie playdolls, on the couch and falling asleep in between us. The dolls come to life and seduce Kelly, making her one of us.

And then, the three of us get really switchy, kinky, and playful with a bunch of toys. April and I have a Hitachi war and end up cumming simutaneously, April fucks me with an Eleven until I squirt all over the floor, and Kelly gets her fill in a “london bridge” where I recieve one of the best strap-on blowjobs I’ve ever gotten!

Watch ARTCORE now at hotmoviesforher!

Keep watching after my scene is over, because April Flores goes on to dominate a man in a tub, fuck my heart-throbby friend Drew Deveaux, and get down girl/girl style with my new crush, Damali!

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