Courtney Trouble has released CockFetish exclusivly through AEBN and, starring real life couple Karla Lane and Mo Reese. It was shot in the style of gonzo POV with Trouble, Karla, and Mo Reese directing themselves in an epic threeway. This is Courtney Trouble’s first scene getting penetrated by a cis guy on camera! 

Karla Lane is a true star in this scene, looking prettier than ever in gentle curls and her legendary smile sparkling. She thrives with her real-life boyfriend Mo Reese and gets dirtier than usual. In one scene, she grinds on Mo’s giant dick while he chockes her. She helps Trouble deep throat but truly shines with her wet, slobbery oral skills.Karla Lane and Courtney Trouble have been working together for over 5 years, so it was only natural that when Courtney Trouble ventured into hardcore B/G they would reach out to Karla. Just so happens, her boyfriend Mo Reese is a fine man with a fine dick and so the date was set for this monumental new direction in Trouble’s performance work. 

CockFetish is about a “lesbian with a cock fetish,” and Trouble begins the scene with describing how she has a fetish for straight couples. Behind them, BBW Superstar and 2015 AVN BBW Performer of the Year Karla Lane is getting Mo Reese super hard with her mouth. The scene includes deep throating, double blowjob, cowgirl, doggystyle, and a superhot missionary position where you can see Mo Reese stick his dick inside Trouble fir the very first time.  The storyline is true, and this scene marks a real first. Trouble is known for queer porn and while they have performed with every gender under the sun, getting a cis man’s dick inside their cunt hasn’t happened on screen ever, or off screen for 13 years. How and why did they pick Mo Reese? “His dick is so thick it makes me wet,” she said.  This film was shot by the three performers together as an experiment, and it turned out phenomenal. It’s it being released on it’s own in all it’s glory as the very first installment of “CockFetish,” officially a new series by Courtney Trouble about exploring blowjobs, handjobs, and hardcore straight sex with various hot cocks. 

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