Seven Minutes In Heaven 4


Seven Minutes In Heaven 4

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Seven Minutes in Heaven 4 is the final installment of Courtney Trouble’s play-party inspired series. Seven queer porn performers are invited to come to the party and see what happens!

Format: Digital Download
Directed By: Courtney Trouble
Produced By: TROUBLEfilms
Cinnamon Maxxine, Emerald X File, Drew Deveaux, Q Tip, Joey Minx, Chelsea Poe, Charlie Spats


There are at least 10 sex scenes in this film, but it is kind of hard to keep track!

Concluding the series, 7MIH4 takes the concept into Courtney Trouble’s own home for the first time. Seven hot queers meet up for a day of self-conceptualized porn sex, with no pre-determined outcome. The camera’s gaze is intimate, but never all-knowing. this film relies on the fluidity and chemistry of it’s incredible cast, and our ability as camera people to support them.

So what happened? Joey and Drew have a little boy’s time, Emerald bosses Chelsea and Charlie around.  Cinnamon and Q Tip warm themselves up to fisting, Charlie and Drew team up with Q, Joey gets in a slick wrestling match with Emerald and Chelsea, And when Chelsea and Cinnamon get ahold of Emerald, she gets punished for being bratty by getting topped by both of them, and then finally by Joey. Oh, and Drew gets banged by 4 people which is a total knock out of a scene!!

Purchase includes an HD MP4 playable on all popular devices.

Cast: Cinnamon Maxxine, Drew Devaux, Chelsea Poe, Q Tip, Joey Minx, Emerald X File, and Charlie Spats.

Camera Crew: Courtney Trouble, Ajapornfilms, and TC

Edited by Cinnamon Maxxine and Ajapornfilms


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