Roulette Berlin

Roulette Berlin


A film full of hardcore punky queer porn scenes shot in Berlin by Courtney Trouble. Lesbians, gay men, and genderqueers are featured throughout the film.

Format: Download
Starring: Judy Minx, Walter Crasshole, Blond Stud, Ju, Ena, and GG.
Studio: Good Releasing
Directed By: Courtney Trouble


Guten Tag… I’m in Berlin babies! The queers here are fucking gorgeous and fuck gorgeously. I filmed Walter and Nikolaj’s wedding, as well as the consummation of their marriage. After her intense encounter with Killer, Judy MInx was gushing and blushing all the way back to gay Paris. It got rough with Blond Stud and Ju, but I was impressed with their power play expertise. When the city lights went out, real-life couple Ena and GG made such lusty love that they glowed in the dark. Anja even gave me a solo show at the hotel. I hate to end this erotic European vacation, but I must say Auf Weidersehen. See you in the States!

xoxo Courtney Trouble


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