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  1. Sinn Sage has been around for a while now and is very well known but over the last few years, she has wanted to try something different, specifically, making the kind of porn that she wants to make. Her last few outings have been remarkably successful and now, in ‘Sinn and Drake’s Strap-On Threesomes,’ we are getting an exceptionally good look of what her aim has been all along.

    Sinn teams up with her husband, Drake Man O’War, Trouble Films, and some lucky females to pursue their love of threesomes, but with a twist.

    Sinn, speaking from a Star Factory Press Release, says “Drake and I really lavish our partner with all the attention. She becomes the primary focus of our sexual desires, really subverting the standard trope of most threesomes being very male-centered. The goal here is to embrace a bisexual female gaze: something women, queer folks, and even couples can enjoy and get off to together.”

    This, a grand vision of re-inventing the genre of threesomes, is what lays in store in ‘Sinn and Drake’s Strap-On Threesomes.’

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