TROUBLEfilms Receives Six 2013 FPA Nominations!!



The nominations for the 2013 Feminist Porn Awards are in and we are so excited!!

TROUBLEfilms has been nominated for 4 films and for both of our membership-based websites, and! We are so honored and delighted that Courtney Trouble made so many performing appearances this year and that the FPA’s have honored them and us with these nominations!

Here are the films that have been nominated:

1. Darling and Papi Coxxx’s scene on Indie Porn Revolution

2. Jiz Lee and Courtney Trouble’s scene (All three parts) on

3. Ride and Kiss: Starring Courtney Trouble and Bianca Stone, Shot by Arabelle Raphael 

4. Lesbian Curves: Our 2013 Full Feature

The Feminist Porn Awards are super close to our hearts. We are so happy to have been involved for so long and to continue to be a part of it with these amazing nominations! This year marks the 8th Annual Feminist Porn Awards and it is followed up by Tristan Taormino’s Feminist Porn Conference at Toronto University. TROUBLEfilms very own Courtney Trouble will be in attendance at the Awards ceremony and at the Conference. Trouble’s presence at the Conference will include presenting and moderating a panel on feminism and anti-oppression activism.

That’s it babes! Thank you for all support!


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