QueerPornTube.Com On Hiatus

This morning I had to shut down QueerPornTube.Com because, for the eleventh-thousandth time, it crashed it’s own server. The bandwidth is just too high, especially since I added mobile capabilities. It really sucks to have to put one of my most popular sites on hold, but it’s broken, and I’m busy.

I feel like most porn should be paid for. It costs money to make, performers need to make a living, producers need to survive, new projects can’t be funded on critical acclaim alone.

However, a lot of porn that’s made in the queer community isn’t made for profit, it’s made for the art of it or a solid political message. Sometimes it’s just being made so the person who made it can be seen. I would say that the most important work that’s been made in the realm of queer porn wasn’t made for money, isn’t commercial, and should be accessable to those who desperately need positive imagery of queer lifestyles. Queer porn educated and inspires and sets trends in a world that discourages fluidity, sexuality, and the transfer of health and sexuality information.

This tube site is super important to me because I want people to see the kind of porn that queer people make. It’s crucial that our art and opinions are part of the larger conversation. And it’s crucial that it can be found for free.

QueerPornTube.Com needs a dedicated server, and a dedicated person to monitor and manage it. I am able to do this myself, but it’s always been a labor of love and something that I pay for out of pocket, because I need to to exist and I want it to exist.

So, hopefully I’ll be able to make it work again soon and I’ll bring it back up. It might be a week, it might be a month, it might be a year.

I apologize to those film makers out there using the service to hold their content – it WILL exist when the site goes back up. We may all need to go check out embedded video outputs as the HTML may change when the site gets properly upgraded. I’ll maintain my updates here in this post.

Thank you for your understanding, and God Save Queer Porn Tube! Eventually.


Courtney Trouble