How To Use a Dental Dam: An XXX Demonstration by Jupiter Jetson and Courtney Trouble

TROUBLEfilms is proud to present the DIY production How To Use a Dental Dam: An XXX Demonstration by Jupiter Jetson and Courtney Trouble

How To Use a Dental Dam

Ever wanted to see a sexy XXX demonstration of pussy eating with a dental dam? Me and Jupiter Jetson are here to show you How To Use a Dental Dam, for real! As I eagerly welcomed Jupiter Jetson into my home for a fruitful creative content exchange, our discussion naturally veered toward safer sex practices during our customary pre-porn negotiations. Ensuring our health and well-being, we both underwent testing and aimed to film a bareback lesbian scene with sterilized toys. However, Jupiter expressed a profound desire to incorporate something meaningful to her: demonstrating safer sex techniques in an informative editorial. Being passionate about destigmatizing and normalizing safer sex within the queer community, I wholeheartedly agreed to her proposition. It’s paramount to shed light on these crucial practices, as they often lack the attention and awareness they truly deserve. This collaborative effort reflects our commitment to promoting safer sex education and inclusivity within adult media. Hope you love our love letter to the little piece of latex that helps us stay safe while getting down!

Happy to present this free film, “How to Use a Dental Dam” by Jupiter Jetson!

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