2010 AVN Nominations

I am still fucking freaking out about how totally queer-positive and SF-positive the 2010 AVN Nominations are. This CLEARLY is the wave of the future. Just think of how many nods we got this year, and how many more there could be next year and the years to follow?

Last year, I went to AVN as a stowaway really. Playing assistant to the Babeland buyer, I cleaned up after the big party, made myself useful for the buyer during meetings, ang shuffled around little handmade Roulette DVD-Rs to people I met that I though could help me finish it, distribute it, and you know, get famous.

I also met four people I admire, respect, and generally look up to as artistic muses and role models: Eon McKai, April Flores, Tristan Taormino, and Nina Hartley.  Eon and April have become my friends since last year, and it feels like Christmas every time I get to work with either one of them.

For some, the AVN Awards might seem silly, redundant, even down right ridiculous. But to those of us that have been invisible as artists, performers, and magic-makers for so long, being recognised as some of the best is truly an honor. It is so fucking cool that queer porn invisibility has been shattered on this day.

Here is a list of everything I had a hand in that was nominated.

Best Music Soundtrack: Roulette, directed by Courtney Trouble (featuring music by Erase Errata, Scream Club, Katastrophe, Delta Dart, French Quarter, and my wife’s band Cottages)

Best Music Soundtrack: Speakeasy, directed by Courtney Trouble (featuring songs from the 40’s I found on Archive.Org)

Champion, Best Feature Film, non-sex role by Trouble (plus, director Shine Louise Houston, Syd Blakovich, Jiz Lee, Madison Young, and Dylan Ryan!)

Good Releasing, Best New Video Production Company, the company that all my films are funded, produced, and distributed by

And an extra special congratulations to Jiz Lee, nominated for Best New Web Starlet, Dylan Ryan for her incredible solo performance in Crash Pad Series 3, Carols Batts for Best Director (Voluptuous Biker Babes starring April Flores), Kimberly Kane and all 7 of her nominations, Eon for his nominations for Content and On Your Dirty Knees, and Good Vibes for Best Online Retailer.


  1. You guys are beautiful! muah

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