Courtney Trouble & Mr. Gray, Scene up now!

mmmm leather cock


Whew. OMFG. So, a while ago I was in Toronto and hella horny and really dying to get my ass kicked. I went over to Aslan Leather and applied for a job keeping the sales floor clean, and apparently I didn’t know the first thing about leather cuz Mr. Gray himself came and punished me with a foced blow job before teaching me how he uses all the restraints, ropes, chains, slings, and strap-ons he sells. I didn’t last longer than a day at that job, but the brusies lasted weeks, and my crush on Mr. Gray just wont go away!

Oh yeah, and the whole things was caught on film by Drew Deveaux and it was published on QueerPorn.TV! Posting the trailers below – check out the scenes in their entirity!!!

Courtney Trouble & Mr. Gray Part One

Courtney Trouble & Mr. Gray Part Two

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