Pr0n 4 Freakz

Pr0n 4 Freakz April 13th

White Fur ~5 min.

Directed by Lyric Seal (Neve) with cinematography by Nikki Silver is a luscious award winning short (Best Short, TIPF, Judges Pick, EB XPress Briefs’) which has toured around the world numerous times since 2015, charming audiences with its lurid, deft, yet fond take on service and power. Also, there are puppies.

Xöe’s Visit with Ero Rose ~15 min.

Xöe travels to visit Ero for the first time after weeks of flirting online, and while they are staying together things get heated up quickly. Hot, sweaty, unbridled encounter between two gorgeous non-binary babes.

Rumor between Bros ~15 min.

A smoke session between bros get personal and intimate, starring Saira B and Alistair Fyrn.

Fucking Against Fascism excerpt – feat. Chelsea Poe ~10 min.

Chelsea Poe will hypnotize and seduce you in the slippery and sexy solo short, shot by Courtney Trouble. Be ready for water, dildos and latex.

Dinner Date 1 ~20 min.

Drew Honey is new to Saira Barbaric’s house of kink play. They’ll get thoroughly introduced on their first date together.