New Online Magazine Launched by Makers of Peepshow Podcast Covers News and Stories from the Sex Industry

Peepshow Podcast expands into Peepshow Media—a magazine-style news site

Peepshow Media launches an independent, magazine-style website to bring news and stories from the sex industry. 

Run by Jessie Sage and PJ Sage, Peepshow started in 2017 with the Peepshow Podcast and then branched out to the Peepshow Column (in conjunction with the Pittsburgh City Paper) in 2018. 

The new Peepshow Media site will serve as a hub for both of these projects as well as reporting on industry-relevant news, essays, interviews, reviews, and so much more.

Other Peepshow News:

New Marketing Liaison: Peepshow has brought adult industry professional Courtney Trouble on as marketing liaison. In that capacity, Trouble has secured new sponsorship for the site, and launched a grant program for sex working writers. They will also be selling ad space and working with affiliate programs. Contact:

New Grant Program for Sex Working Writers: Peepshow believes that performers and other sex workers are underserved by existing media outlets, so it is crucial to create platforms for unfettered discussion of the issues and experiences of those whose labor is the backbone of the industry. You can support this effort at

New Sponsorship Program: We have created tiered sponsorship opportunities to meet different marketing needs. Recent Peepshow sponsors include Trouble Films, After Adult Podcast, and Quick & Dirty Media. 

Recent Episodes:

Princess Berpl on Cosplay Porn, Dildo Collections, and Friendship

Mickey Mod on Racism in Porn

Sex Work Activism with Akynos from the Black Sex Worker Collective 

Recent Articles:

Strippers Forced to Choose Between Safety and Economic Stability as Clubs Reopen, Reese Piper

Quick and Easy Money? Refection on Online Sex Work During COVID-19, Jessie Sage

FSC Releases Guidelines on Resuming Porn Production, Performers Still have Concerns, Jessie & PJ Sage 

Porn Industry’s #metoo Moment Leads Performers to Call for Change, PJ Sage 

Peepshow Buzz:

Jessie and PJ Sage of Peepshow Media have their fingers on the pulse of the sex industry, highlighting the stories of those working within the adult industry that we need to hear but rarely do. This is essential media for our times.

– Lynn Comella, author of Vibrator Nation

One of the smartest, if not the smartest, sex podcast out there. Peepshow Podcast is like if Lacan and Foucault had a (hotter, funnier) baby.

EJ Dickson, Rolling Stone

An episode of Peepshow Podcast feels like sitting down with your two most thoughtful friends and having a deep conversation over hot espresso about the sex industry, life, and love. 

Princess Berpl, award-winning fetish star and cosplay clip artist

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