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Body Positive Productions is a concept; one that holds a collaborative, collective mentality over the idea of personal success or competition. While most porn is paid for by one person who receives all the profits, Body Positive Productions is what AVN Award-winning, 13-year industry heartthrob Karla Lane and her many collaborators are able to put together during a day or two of hardcore making – and it is shared amongst everyone. It’s whatever it can be at the end of the day, and it houses the women, men, and genderqueers that come and join the collective.

BBW Sex Party #2 Trailer

“The porn world sucks when it feels like we are all competing with each other to get studio jobs, this feels like a much better option for all of us, and it’s a way of getting work done. I couldn’t even get a press release out for the first two I was so busy,” says editor and series advocate Courtney Trouble, who performed in the first content-trade day and saw its potential as a film. “Once we decided to do it, it was nonstop no going back.” Karla Lane handled all pre-production, making the locations available for whomever could show up and participate, barring they had some experience and a platform that makes this kind of content day worth it. Mazzaratie Monica, Marilyn Mayson, and Sara Star each have their own fan sites, Courtney Trouble has FatGirlFantasies.Com (co-created with April Flores), and Karla has her own solo site as well as now, apparently, her own studio. “So far over the course of three films we have been able to bring in over a dozen performers with their own platforms and with ambition to be a part of something with others.”


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