East Bay Brats 4 is TROUBLEfilm’s Brand New Release and It’s Brattier Than Ever!

TROUBLEfilms rang in the new year with a brand new film, East Bay Brats 4, starring Courtney Trouble, Chelsea Poe, Lita Lecherous, Ruby Riots, and Nova Sky. East Bay Brats 4 brings the kinky and queer BDSM series back with a vengeance. The 58-minute long film is available exclusively through troublefilms.com, you can purchase it through the online shop!

The femme 4 femme queer BDSM series continues with a fourth volume that’s all about testing limits and getting revenge after Mistress Lita returns from a long time away at the dungeon. What she sees does not please her – Courtney and Ruby have tried to take over, and Nova’s aching to become the next supreme mistress of the fuck club! Lita’s not having it, and enacts her revenge on each of the brats accordingly. 

This is the first time all five performers. have been on set together and the chemistry is at all all-time high as Lita tests Nova’s pain tolerance, captures Chelsea Poe on a latex bed and pumped her breasts, and initiates a fucking machine challenge between Courtney and Ruby. While Chelsea’s tied to the bed or used as human furniture throughout the film, Nova also flogs Courtney solidly for ten minutes in the dark, spooky, sexy Victorian mansion the East Bay Brats call home to their fuck club.

The first three volumes of East Bay Brats were nominated for the 2020 AVN Awards for Best Niche Series and also screened at Folsom Street Fair. If you would like to review East Bay Brats for your blog or podcast, or screen it at your event (virtual or in-person) please contact Courtney. If you would like to sell East Bay Brats 4 or the whole series in your store please contact troublefilmsxxx@gmail.com with your pitch! The series is currently only available digitally or via VOD.

“It was such a magical film and I truly just feel like our collective is finding our groove,” says performer/producer Chelsea Poe, who submits her way through the entire series in a collection of brave, edgey BDSM scenes that have attracted critical attention including Party Favor. “Having been away from a porn set for nearly 18 months it was just so special to make this really kinky and extreme piece of bdsm porn with everyone. I think having all 5 brats there you really got to see the best from our collective.”


Scene One: Lita comes back to the dungeon and finds everyone running feral with power-hungry lust drunk eyes. She immediately initiates order by getting Nova into subspace with a solid whipping.  Chelsea Poe serves as human furniture so that Mistress Lita may punish Nova properly by testing her pain limits via spanking and flogging. Watch as Nova’s ass gets deep red and welty while Chelsea squirms faces underneath her.

Scene Two: Lita has Nova and Ruby join her while she straps Chelsea to the work bed and begins to install pumps and clamps onto her breasts, enacting some nipple and tit torture before leaving her to suffer on the bed.

Scene Three: Nova steals away with Courtney and flogs them with a cat o nine tail in a lovely dungeon room

Scene Four: Lita finds Courtney and Ruby and tests their abilities to withstand the strong vibrations of the vibrating torture machine Lita brought home. Courtney takes a turn, and then Ruby takes a turn, and then the two of them are pushed together onto the “Sybian” style machine until their cunts are numb.

Scene Five: The brats return to see how Chelsea is handling being abandoned in the room, and it looks like she’s ready to cum too. Lita, Ruby, and Nova continue to humiliate and torture her while she masturbates to completion.