Doing it Again, Vol 2: Fearless Revealing

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Doing It Again, Vol 2: Fearless Revealing
VOD Release: August 14th 2014
DVD Release: August 14th 2014

A detailed exploration of trans women’s relationship and hookup dynamics. This film series weaves together explicit scenes and interview footage from a diverse range trans women and their partners to paint a holistic portrait of trans women’s sexuality.

In Volume 2: Fearless Revealing, trans women and their cis partners demonstrate supportive relationships, practice good hookup culture, and discuss different strategies around disclosure.

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Release: August 2014
Directed By: Tobi HIll-Meyer
Produced By: Handbasket Productions
Starring: Valentine, Vanda, Erica, Avery Stone, Syd Viscous, Anai Sebightee, Billie Holder, Lexy Black, Pi., Abby Leth