Ena & G.G.

Ena’s the hottest queer femme in Berlin, and G.G. is her equally gorgeous real-life girlfriend. I had a lot of fun with this one, using only a black light and a flashlight to light the scene in Ena’s stark and sexy scene-starting sex-positive art gallery, Buffet. This is only half the scene, what you’re missing is how Ena thanks G.G.… (keep going) see page

Puck Goodfellow & Juilette March, Part II

VIP Lounge Watch Now for Free Log In | More Information In part two of this kinky sex scene, the tables are turned and the power play thrown off between captor and victim. These two performers so hot for each other we couldn’t stop them from having more sex – so we just kept quiet and kept the cameras rolling!… (keep going) see page

Bailey Jay and Chelsea Poe

VIP Louge: Members Watch Now! Not a member? Join Now! We would be lying if we told you we played it totally cool when Bailey Jay walked into Chelsea’s hip NYC hotel room last month. We didn’t. We were fan girls all the way and Bailey played to our weaknesses, stole Chelsea’s panties and glasses, and everyone’s heart. Both Chelsea… (keep going) see page

Syd Blakovich, Jiz Lee, and Madison Young: The Blakovich Spot

Embed: Start at: In a scene inspired by the cult classic porn “Deep Throat,” Jiz, Syd, and Madison bust out some serious cock sucking, hardcore fucking threesome skills. Needless to say, this is my ultimate wet dream. Enjoy the clip, and buy Nostalgia if you wanna see the whole 20 minute scene.   Member’s Only: Watch it Now! Click on… (keep going) see page

Drew Deveaux & Nic Switch Part 2

VIP Lounge Watch Now for Free: Log In More Information We left Drew Deveaux begging and crying for mercy, with Nic Switch ready to take some of what they’ve given. Drew serves up a hot fuck that only these true switches can pull off – get ready for a sweaty, sexy, passionate finale to this ground-breaking kink-heavy fisting scene.  … (keep going) see page

Akira & Chocolate Chip: Scene from Seven MInutes in Heaven 2: Tender Hearted

Two of 2009/2010’s breakthough queer porn stars Akira Raine and Chocolate Chip were the first to hook up on the set of Seen Minutes in Heaven 2: Tender Hearted, and the set the stage for a day full of romanticism and hardcore kink. There’s nothing I love more than watching two femme-presenting queerions make out, finger each other, and play… (keep going) see page