Courtney Trouble Heads to the University of Calgary and Genderfest Winnipeg for Speaking Engagements, Screenings, and Parties this February

I am heading up north to Calgary and Winnipeg this week for a two week tour full of amazing events that I’m excited to share with you. On February 11th I will be at the University of Calgary doing an academic screening of my 2013 film Trans Grrrls: Revolution Porn Style Now! alongside my acclaimed presentation: Queer Porn Behind the… (keep going) see page

Scout and Lascivia: Butch makes femme squirt way too many times!

Scout and Lacsivia, fucking in the hot pink brightness of a femme bedroom paradise, these queers are no strangers to each others bodies. Lascivia squirts five times before flipping Scout with a sexy strap on, aimed at Scout’s perfect ass. 52 Photos / Photography by Courtney Trouble Not a Member? Join Now, so you can see this hot shit right… (keep going) see page

Drew Deveaux: One Night in Toronto

Drew Deveaux became a porn star overnight. Over this exact night, to be exactly exact! This night in question would be the fateful night that her first porn appearance in Tobi Hill-Meyer’s Doing It Ourselves: The Trans Woman Porn Project was revealed at the Feminist Porn Awards. We shot this incredible hotel balcony masturbation scene at an FPA afterparty, while… (keep going) see page