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Sinn Sage Wants ROOKIES! That’s right, she’s introducing 4 new porn superstars to the TROUBLEfilms lineup as the 2020 Spring lineup for TROUBLEfilms blossoms into a bouquet of harcore lesbian gonzo, slutty kinky sex, and new experiences.

Made with love by the TROUBLEfilms film-making collective’s legendary strapon saint, Sinn Sage. 

Format: Digital 
Length: 2 hours, 16 minutes
Starring: Sinn Sage, Kingsley, Indica Fetish, Lily Miss Arab, and Nova Sky, 


Rookies by Sinn Sage Studios and Trouble Films features sapphic superstar Sinn Sage sharing her love of ladies in four scenes featuring newcomers Indica Fetish (in her very first hardcore scene!), Nova Sky, Lili Miss Arab, and Kingsley. These breakout performers bring their “A” game when they come to play, lick, and lust after veteran, Sinn.

We all know how much Sinn Sage loves to get it on with the ladies. Now, watch her hot, first time  encounters with some of the most exciting femme newcomers in porn today in the newest release by Sinn Sage Studios and Trouble Films, “Rookies.”

Sinn welcomes popular, fetish-only performer, Indica, in a scorching opening scene that is the culmination of 5 years of flirtatious  offscreen chemistry between the two. All the more titilating that this is Indica’s first ever, hardcore, girl/girl sex scene, a super hot and soaking wet free for all as the two ladies give in to their deepest desires to finally fuck each other fully!

“I am beyond thrilled to release this film! I had such a wild and incredible time with every one of these stunning and sensual ladies, but I’m extremely proud to have been honored with Indica’s first ever hardcore sex scene! Our chemistry had been building for years, so when we finally let loose on each other, something absolutely electric and utterly beautiful came out of it.”

Following Indica is a sensual, romantic encounter with the multi-talented, red head, Nova Sky, who serenades, devours, and delights in Sinn in what can only be described as a romantic display of desire.

Voluptuous Lili Miss Arab travelled to the US all the way from Portugal for some Sinn Sage pussy, her anticipation exploding onscreen in what turned out to be a truly gorgeous sex scene.

And closing the film, cheerleader Kingsley is in for another kind of tutoring session when she comes to gothy college TA, Sinn, for help in her human anatomy course.


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