Maxine Holloway

HOME: San Francisco, CA
WHAT’S QUEER: The constant expansion of who and what I want to nuzzle against and how that identifies me. Fucking outside the lines is fantastic!
WHY PORN: Porn can communicate and inspire amazing and intense ideas about our sexuality, bodies and desires. Plus I adore every one that I work with!
WILDEST FANTASY: I want a house full of sexy mormon sister wives & husbands! And I want to be fucked on the side of the road in an old dusty truck real baddddddd
CANT LIVE WITHOUT: Hairspray, lovely friends, travel, making out
MAKES ME HOT: Big hair, waitresses, cowgirls&boys, monster trucks, dirt, airstream trailers, hickeys, bites, hair pulling, choking, being thrown agains a wall
MAKES ME NOT: Bad tippers
VICES: Whiskey, gin and original sin.
I WANT: to dry hump more
TWITTER: @maxineholloway