Live Sex Show DVD

Live Sex Show DVD


The first film released on the official 2011 TROUBLEfilms label, this film documents multiple live sex performances on stage at the Masturbat-a-thon, an event that takes place every year at the Center for Sex and Culture. This film was made as a benefit for the Center, and subsequently allowed TROUBLEfilms to take shape. 

Format: DVD
Nina Hartley, April Flores, Jiz Lee, Tina Horn, Roger Stone, Courtney Trouble, Kimberly Cline and Jolene Parton
Directed by: Courtney Trouble


Calling all you pervy voyeurs, this porn is for you!!  From award winning porn director Courtney Trouble, LIVE SEX SHOW was shot in front of a WILD, HORNY, & WET live audience of 200 people at 2010’s San Francisco’s Masturbate-a-Thon, hosted by Carol Queen.

Starring Nina Hartley and Jiz Lee in a flirty yet FILTHY FINGER FUCKING scene, April Flores and the Matador in a dramatic COCK-SLURPING, PUSSY-POUNDING love story, Tina Horn getting KINKY AND ROUGH, Kimberlee Cline GETTING OFF HARD, Jolene Parton GETTING FUCKED, and Ms. TROUBLE herself in a climactic surprise 5-on-1 ALL STAR GANG BANG!