Performer FAQ

  • How do I submit a remote professional or DIY photoset or video?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    While QueerPorn.TV focuses on content shot or directed specifically by Courtney Trouble and the QPTV crew, IndiePornRevolution.Com occasionally invites or accepts performers to create thier own porn and sell it to us exclusively, or allow us to pay a liscenceing fee to show it in our member’s area. If you have a photo set you’d love to see up on IPR, or you’ve made your own artsy porn short, home-made sex tape, solo scene, et cetera - please send us a link to the set or finished video and we will see if it fits with our site. If it does, we pay the following:

    • DIY or Professional Photoshoot, 50-150 photos: Please send unedited and in full-res. Pay is $75 per set
    • Video: Please send link to edited, finished piece, and let us know what it cost you to make it and what you would sell it to use for. Please include a rate for exclusive use, if you are interested in TROUBLEfilms buying it directly from you, and owning unlimited rights to distribute. The rate should be the sum of your performance fees for talent and a fair price for you labor costs.
    • Limited Licensing: Please send link to edited, finished piece. Indie Porn Revolution pays $100 for the limited use of including your video within the gateway of our members area, along with a link to the copyright holders’ website (a good opportunity to promote your indie porn work.)
    • Only very occasionally will we commission a performer or artist to create something special for us. If you are a current, established TROUBLEfilms performer with a good idea for something you want to direct for us, we would love to see if a guest director position is a good fit for you, and we will fully fund your project under Courtney Trouble’s mentorship! Please submit a full proposal directly to Previous guest directors have included Ajapop, Tina Horn, Chelsea Poe, Ella Quincey, Kitty Stryker, Tobi Hill-Meyer, Carlos Batts, April Flores, Arabelle Raphael, Fluxxx Tucson, Jacqueline Mary, James Darling, and Nikki Hearts.

    You and your performers must fill out your own model release, as well as the TROUBLEfilms model release and the standardised 2257 age verification paperwork. All content must be shot adhering to the ethics and standards set forth in this very FAQ to be considered.

    Please understand that this is a costly undertaking for us and that we only buy scenes on a case by case basis, and we cannot guarantee that if you make something, we will buy it under exclusive or limited rights. Produce at your own risk. TROUBLEfilms holds no financial or legal liability to unapproved or in-progress uncontracted remote submission work.

  • How much does TROUBLEfilms pay, and how much work am I expected to do?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    TROUBLEfilms pays $400 per scene, for 3-5 hours of work, with about 1 to 1.5 hours of on-screen video recording, plus one strip tease photo set, or fully-nude artistic/creative photoset, and if time/space permits, a solo masturbation scene. Certain projects will require short lead ins, and QueerPorn.TV shoots includes a short clothed interview for new QPTV performers that will live on our site and our YouTube channel (

    For photo-only shoots, pay is $100 for one hour, and up to 2 distinct shoots.

  • What am I expected to do on set?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    All TROUBLEfilms shoots are performer-motivated regarding sex acts and commitment levels, and performers are encouraged to only do sex acts acts/themes/projects that feel appropriate for the level of pay they receive. These standards are offered to amateurs and giant porn stars alike. The rate does not change based on a person's professional standing, gender, or marketability.

  • Where will my performance go?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    On set, your model release covers use of all content for any TROUBLEfilms or Courtney Trouble website, film, advertising, gallery show, book, et cetera. It also covers all current and future distribution deals, meaning we hold the right to publish your content and distribute it through third party VOD companies, DVD distributors, et cetera. (A few of the companies we currently do business with include AEBN, Gamelink, Hot Movies For Her, PinkLabel.TV, and DVD distribution through Pure Play Media.)

    While your shoot may be designated as a “Queer Porn TV Shoot” or “Indie Porn Revolution Shoot” chances are, it will end up on a compilation DVD like the Fuckstyles or Roulette series, or a more themed presentation such as Lesbian Curves or Trans Grrrls.

    These ideas are generally mentioned verbally on set, though concepts, inspirations, and outputs may change as films get put together. Your interests and needs can be discussed further before, during, or after your shoot if you have any concerns. All requests for where your work will go will be openly considered and discussed!

    Your image may be used in cover art, DVD art, or film promotions. This extends to our distributors, so your image may be used in conjunction with VOD promotion on a third party site, or advertising in places like AVN Magazine, X Biz, or festival programs like the Feminist Porn Awards or Berlin Porn Film Festival. Your photos, gifs of your scene, and trailers may be released in places like Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook (SFW only of course) and approved tube sites like QueerPornTube.Com.

    Membership sales are only a small part of our business income, so these syndication opportunities and promotional efforts are pretty vital to our survival as a company. That being said, we never want to put you anywhere you don’t want to be, so please always let us know what your preferences are.

    We will never put you in a themed release that doesn’t suit your stated identity politics without your full consent (We will use Courtney Trouble’s personal conundrum as an example:  If you identify as genderqueer, and you don’t want to be billed as a lesbian, we will not feature you in Lesbian Curves, unless we’ve had a conversation about you wanting to be in Lesbian Curves! Courtney is genderqueer, and chooses to put themselves in Lesbian Curves because they relate strongly to lesbian desires and want to be included in lesbian porn spaces as a femme-loving-femme. Everyone will have thier own version of this, and we are HAPPY to hear it!)

    The contract you will sign does allow TROUBLEfilms the right to sell the exclusive rights to any and all content to another entity. We foresee this as a possibility some time down the future, like if Courtney Trouble dies, or sells their company as an entirety upon retirement. If/when that ever comes to reality, you have our word that your content will be sold or bequeathed to someone who understands and worships the same ethics, standards, and future plans for the project as Courtney themselves. At that time in the far-off, if performers are reachable, they will be notified and given a chance to have their content removed from the member’s areas, though syndicated works, third-party materials, and promotional efforts may not be removed. And a DVD is, as well, permanent. Please read the section on What are the risks of making porn? along with this section before making the decision to work for us.


  • How will I get paid?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    TROUBLEfilms pay via company check the day of the shoot. Cash or online transfers can be arranged upon request in special circumstances, please make your needs known to us ahead of time.

  • What does the paperwork look like?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    TROUBLEfilms has a standardized 2257 Age Verification worksheet that keeps in in compliance with US $2257, the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act . We also have a legally binding model release, and a work agreement. You can see the paperwork in full here on Google Docs. You will be provided a W-9, in the case that you make over $1000 in a given tax year.

  • Wait, I have to claim this on my taxes?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    If you make more than $1000, you will need to fill out a 1099 when it’s time to pay your taxes to claim your income from TROUBLEfilms. You will receive a copy of your W-9 in the mail before January 30th of the following tax year (in this case, January 30th, 2015.)

  • Am I allowed to use condoms, gloves, dental dams?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    Of course! Not only are you allowed to use any kind of safer sex barriers on set, but we also encourage their use, and provide a large assortment of condoms (latex and non-latex for those with allergies), nitrile gloves (in multiple colors!) and dental dams! BABELAND is our safer sex sponsor. You are also welcome to shoot bareback if you and your co-worker have both expressed interest. We respect your own risk assessment.

  • Do I need to get tested?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    Yes, please. We suggest you get tested within 2 weeks of your performance, and show up able to show us your most recent test results from a lab. You can use Talent Testing Services, which is fast and expensive (and only really worth it if you have multiple shoots with multiple companies in a short time frame) - or you can use your private health care, St. James Infirmary, or Lyon-Martin, as long as you are able to produce your test results on set. Please note that outside of Talent Testing, it may take you up to 7 business days to get your results, so please plan accordingly. If you cannot produce test results from at least within the 30 days prior to your shoot date, we may have to reschedule or cancel your shoot without pay. Your co-star will not receive a kill fee if the scene is cancelled or rescheduled because of testing.

  • Can I do drugs, drink, or smoke weed on set?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    No. You may not drink alcohol, do drugs, or smoke weed before or during your performance. If you are found to be on drugs or intoxicated when you show up to set, you will be asked to leave unpaid. If you take drugs, drink, or smoke weed on set before or during your performance, you will be asked to leave unpaid. If you have a drink or smoke after your scene is finished, as long as cast and crew is asked and respected, please, enjoy yourself responsibly. “After your scene is finished” is defined as the time when all performers are clothed and checks have been written. Please contact us if you have any questions, medical needs, prescription details that may affect your performance, harm reduction needs, or concerns about this policy. Your needs will be heard and managed, and your use of drugs or alcohol off set will not affect your standing as a TROUBLEfilms performer and will be kept confidential.

  • Can I use performance enhancers?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    We understand that porn can be hard on penises, but we do hope to create a different kind of environment around “performance” that other companies. Therefor, we have not banned the use of performance enhancing drugs, but we do not necessarily approve of them either.  The risks associated with long term use of erection enhancers are huge and we do not suggest going down that path. For safety reasons we cannot allow the use of injectables on set. TROUBLEfilms is a non-phallio-centric porn company and if for any reason your erectile levels are not going the way you planned, we are comfortable suggesting other sex acts that you can do to continue the scene. We highly prefer the body’s natural response system, to be quite honest! Showing sex that’s not centered on an erection and penile ejaculation is important to us and hot, so please know that we aren’t judging you, and we’re happy to shoot you exactly the way you are! You will not be turned down or judged if you do decide to use ED drugs, and you are not obligated to disclose this information.

  • What about pot, can we smoke pot?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    This is our CURRENT standings on marijuana on set and may be subject to change at any time: You may not smoke pot/have smoked pot before you shoot or during you shoot.

    That being said, you may smoke medical marijuana after you are done shooting, either outside on our private patio, or inside if you have the entire cast and crew’s consent to do so. Medical marijuana is legal in California, and aside from before or during set times, we support and approve responsible use of the drug. This policy will change if it becomes a problem. Please let us know if you have any questions. “After your scene is finished” is defined as the time when all performers are clothed and checks have been written.

    Please be aware that one of our main production workers is allergic to the smoke, so asking and getting consent before taking your medicine is best behavior on set.

  • Can I share my model login with my friends?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    Please, no. If you want to show someone around the site or show them your scene, that is fine - but please log out of the site by restarting your browser/clearing the cache if you are on someone else’s device. Refer them to your affiliate link to sign up and become a member, so they can help fund more work like your awesome scene. We do reserve the right to revoke your lifetime access and change the universal login if it’s found that you’ve been giving it out.

  • Are there any other perks to being a TROUBLEfilms performer?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    Performers can continue to make substantial residual income as an affiliate, either passively or actively. Our performer affiliate payout is 40%, recurring. Please refer to the Affiliate FAQ for more information. If your work appears on a DVD, you will receive a free copy of that DVD when it has been released, and wholesale copies for you to sell to fans will be made available at $5/piece. You will also be given the universal model login to the site you work for, working as permanent access to the site for you to enjoy as a fan, and stay in contact with your own performance.

  • How does being an affiliate work?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    Performers involved with online promotion can earn 40% of every membership sale they bring to their sites, including recurring charges. For example, let’s say you put a banner and a link to your QueerPorn.TV scene on the sidebar of your performer-focused Tumblr and leave it there. A visitor to your Tumblr clicks on that sidebar banner, and ends up joining QPTV at it’s 30/month membership level. That means, you’ll start making $12 a month for as long as that person is a member of QPTV. If you actively promote your scenes and other content on your favorite sites through Twitter or your blog, you can stand to bring much more traffic to the sites and make more money.

  • What can I do if I see my performance torrented or on a porn-stealing tube site?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    We do not submit our own content to general tube sites for promotion, so if you see a clip somewhere other than a TROUBLEfilms site (which does include a tube site, then that means it’s stolen. Please send an email to with the link to the torrent or tube site page. Thank you! Please convince your fans to buy your scenes instead of stealing them.

  • Am I expected to flirt or be sexually available to the director, producer, or crew members?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    It is never never, ever, ever, ever OK to be sexually harassed by a crew member on a TROUBLEfilms set. If you have a complaint about being harassed by a crew member please let us know right away - just tell another crew member and there will be a checks and balance regarding the situation.

    If you are being continually harassed by a crew member off set in your personal life after having met them on our set or related event, please also let us know - we are not keen on hiring sleazeballs, at least behind the camera!

    Consensual flirting and sexual activity is allowed between performers on set of course, but co-stars are invited to practice consent off camera as much as they do on camera! A porn set is a sexually charged environment, and advanced communication around personal space, needs, and sexual energy is welcome, and needed, in this space.

    Consensual flirting, dating, and sexual activity are welcome off set in the TROUBLEfilms universe, and many of our regular crew and cast members do become involved from time to time. Please respect each others needs in this realm and openily communicate your needs for how to feel safest and most welcome on set.

  • How is consent handled on set?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    We take consent very seriously at TROUBLEfilms and have consequences for failure to follow other people’s consent. Our work agreement, which requires a legally biding signature, states that you promise to obey verbal and physical consent cues, safe words, and all limits posted by cast and crew. You must agree to the terms of the work agreement and it’s notes on consent in order to work for TROUBLEfilms.

    Here are the exact words posted on the Work Agreement:

    ______ I understand that with every sexual encounter we run into the chance of crossing someone’s boundaries. Even with the best of intentions, things can happen. I agree to engage in active verbal and non verbal consent on set today, and be accountable for any lines crossed by myself throughout the filming of this scene. I understand that I will be asked to leave without pay and may be subject to legal action and black-listing if I appear to be clearly violating my co-star’s boundaries.

    ______ I understand that I am fully privileged to enact any safe words, stop words, or cut throughout the filming of my scene to re-establish or revoke consent. This will not affect my financial compensation for this performance. I will do my best to let TROUBLEfilms know what I need throughout my performance to avoid any chance of my own boundaries being crossed on camera. I will do my best to alert TROUBLEfilms verbally of any unwanted behavoir from my co-workers.


  • What happens if my consent needs are not met on set?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    If you use your safeword and report that your consent needs have not been met by your co-worker, we will respect and honor all of your needs and intentions in that space. If the cast and crew are able to communicate and re-negotiate consent needs, the scene will continue. Otherwise, your co-worker may be asked to leave unpaid. You will receive full pay, and we will reschedule your shoot with a different costar. There are no penalties for using your safe word or protecting your consent needs on set, even if the scene is interuprted or deemed unusable. Consent of performers is a priority for us, beyond “finishing a scene.”

  • What happens if I ignore my partner’s consent needs on set?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    If communication and re-negotiation on set is not an option for your co-worker after consent has been broken, you will be asked to leave unpaid and banned from performing for TROUBLEfilms for at least a year, if not permanently. This is the minimum action taken, and your co-worker reserves the right to press charges or seek community accountability from you at their will.


  • Can I bring anyone on set with me?
    TROUBLE films27-12-2014

    You are welcome to bring one person on set with you, and as long as they are respectful and are able to stay quiet while the camera is rolling, and obey the rules we extend to all cast and crew regarding substance use, sexual energy, et cetera, they are welcome to stay. If they are difficult to have on set, or another performer or crew member requests that they leave, they will have to comply.

  • Who Will Be On Set?
    TROUBLE films27-12-2014

    Depending on the project, you will of course have Courtney Trouble on set and generally one assistant, another TROUBLEfilms director. If you have a preference or idea about working with particular crew members, please let us know before your shoot so we can set you up with the people you want to work with most.

  • What should I wear for my scene? Do I need to do anything special like shave my body hair or wear lingerie?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    Please wear something that you think is sexy, stylish, and satisfying to you. No corporate branding or mainstream music/film/etc references. Otherwise, what you wear and how you style yourself is entirely up to you. Courtney may make suggestions on set regarding hair and costuming so please bring one or two options!

  • Can I wear something cultural?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    Nothing blatantly appropriative (ie Feather Headband, Geisha gown, or trendy American reference to anything of that sort) If you have fashion dreadlocks or mohawks, please wear down or disguise. On the other end if you want to wear something that reflects your own history, community, et cetera, we want you to know that this can be a safe place for your own personal expression, and that representation of culture is welcome here, when authentic. White or white-passing folks are highly encouraged to pay attention to where the inspiration behind their cultural fashion statements come from, and if they are representative of oppressive behavior that’s not welcome at TROUBLEfilms.

  • What should I do with my hair and make up?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    Please have your own hair and makeup done before coming to set - try to limit on-set hair and make-up preparations to 5-10 minutes. We are not able to take responsibility for shoots that go over our time suggestions because of extensive on-set hair and make-up details.

  • What are the accessibility limitations of the studio space?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    Currently shooting in the personal rented flat/home of Courtney Trouble until a new, more accessible, less personal studio is secured.


    Possible accessibility limitations at this time:


    • Stairs to front door, entire studio up a flight of stairs, no railings or elevator. Shower is 3 sq. ft with no sitting room and there are no handrails installed in the bathroom.


    • A cat, a 7 pound chihuahua, and a tortoise reside in studio. Studio is not a completely scent-free environment, due to pets, old carpets, and scented beauty and cleaning supplies throughout property that can be reduced if given notice. The studio does not use bleach or heavily scented cleaning supplies, aside from rare Nature’s Miracle treatments on the carpets.


    Preparations can be made to reduce the amount of scent in the studio upon request, and with notice we can provide over-the-counter pet allergy medications.


    Alternative shoot location arrangements can always be made at the expense of the studio to accommodate any and all accessibility needs.

    Please let us know your accessibility needs before we schedule your shoot date so we can arrange alternative locations or prepare the studio to fit your needs.

  • What opportunities am I given to represent my identity in conjunction with my work?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    One of the landmark traits of the alt porn/indie porn/queer porn industry is that models are invited to present information about their identities, interests, and beliefs alongside the pornographic imagery. Many say that this opportunity is empowering, and many fans of these porn communities appreciate the sense of knowing a little bit about the people they look at, and that it provides a less-objectified, humanising experience of watching, or making, porn. You are invited to participate in this process on a voluntary basis, and on your own terms. You may sign up to have an IndiePornRevolution.Com “Fox Page,” and QueerPorn.TV “Queer Porn Star Profile,” as official markers of this tradition on either site you are involved with. Furthermore, if you start a performer-persona Tumblr or Twitter account, please make connections with us so that we may reblog you, mention you, promote your performances, and connect fans with your social media accounts.


    To fill out the IndiePornRevolution.Com Fox Page, fill out this form at any time after you’ve been scheduled for an IPR shoot:  (passcode is fauxxxy42)


    To start your QueerPorn.TV Queer Porn Star Profile, please fill out this form and send it to us at after your QPTV shoot: --- Keep in mind that there is also a QPTV video interview shot on set the day of your shoot that is not optional.

  • What are the risks of making porn?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    The risks of porn change over the course of time but one thing is for certain - the porn stays the same. As written by Courtney Trouble in IndiePornRevolution’s handy How Do I Get Started As a Performer in Indie Porn? article: “Porn is forever. You will get paid or compensated somehow for making that video, but while that money may last you a day, a week, a month – that video lasts forever. Be SURE that you are OK with that. Teachers, therapists, lawyers, American Idol contestants, and presidents cannot have pornographic relations in their Google-able (or even private) lives.”

    Written in 2013, that quote couldn't anticipate that Donald Trump would end up in the White House and the Stormy Daniels would become (even more of) a household name but the argument still stands that porn not only brings you into contact with powerful people with unknown futures, but those moments become a part of who you are as a person. 

    And yes, your parents may find out. Your little siblings may find out. Your old English teacher may find out.

    If you think you will be proud of your work and benefit from making porn, then move forward. WITH GOALS.

    Write down and share with your sex working peers a few reasons why you want to make porn, and set some milestones for yourself. Want to get on a DVD cover? Want to have 10,000 twitter followers? Want to pay for a vacation or put a little money in your health care fund or student loans? AWESOME. Write those down.  Want to change the world, create visibility for your body type or sexual orientation? Is porn part of your activism or your self care? Want to start your own free porn site for broke ass queers who need positive sexual imagery? WONDERFUL. Write it down.   

    “FOR THE FUCKING FUN OF IT”  is a perfectly acceptable goal! But it will be endlessly helpful to you to start out by knowing what you want. It will help inform your future decisions.

  • How can I protect my personal/non-porn identity?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    For some of us, our name says it all. Courtney Trouble is the name that Courtney Trouble goes by in most aspect of their daily lives. Their parents know their name. Their friends with their siblings on Facebook as that name. They sign their letters by that name. Courtney, however, is Courtney Trouble’s legal first name - and sometimes, that causes problems. Don’t use your daily-life first or last name as your nom de porno unless you really, really, really don’t think you’ll ever want to hide your porn from anybody. I know plenty of people who have performed for porn under their general performance names, writer names, punk names - Courtney Trouble, Cindy Wonderful, and Walter Crasshole for instance - who have thus far not regretted it.

    But for each of those performers, there are about 10 people who did incorporate their real or non-sex-work performer names into their porn names who wish they hadn’t.   Just imagine that these photos of you WILL show up if someone Googles your burlesque name/blogging name/band name - do you want people to find your porn when they are looking for your writing?  Know the answer to that question before you pick your name, and maybe contemplate your reasons for doing porn again and make sure that the name you pick will only lead people to the information you want them to know.

    Furthermore, if you have social media accounts for your porn performance persona, it is helpful to keep them fully unlinked to your personal social media. Don’t have your porn account be friends with your personal account, and link your porn friends to your porn account and your personal friends to your personal account - for example, Courtney Trouble and Jiz Lee are friends on Facebook, and Courtney and Jiz’s personal social media accounts are connected as well - but Jiz Lee The Porn Star is not friends with Courtney’s personal account - make sense?  It helps keep your porn account from popping up in “related friends” or “people you should know” within your personal circle. This can drastically reduce the chances of your parents finding your porno. But if they do...

  • Do you do trade content?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    Yes! However, we reserve trade content opportunities for established site owners and performers who will stand on equal footing to promote their own work, or take each opportunity in hand to observe the exchange of goods so that each party gets adequate content for their work and company or project size.

  • How will my performance be marketed or categorized within the TROUBLEfilms network?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    We will do our best to communicate any and all ideas and subsequent changes with you about how your porn will be marketed and categorized within our online network.

    We do not use slurs or insults to market our work and openly support a shift to this policy industry-wide. This includes the derogatory terms used against trans, POC performers, plus size, and disabled performers, for which we are incredibly intentional about using positive and appropriate language. Please let us know if there’s anything special about how you’de like to be marketed!


  • How will my work be marketed by third-party distributors and syndications?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    We work closely with our VOD affiliates and DVD distributor to make sure than nothing offensive gets added to our marketing language. Some VOD companies have categories that use derogatory terms, and we try to avoid getting put in those categories. No matter, every VOD company we work with uses the exact marketing language we send them

  • Can I make residual money from third party syndications at all?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    Yes! If you want to try to make a little money selling DVDs or VOD versions of your work, you can be an affiliate of AEBN, Gamelink, Pink Label, and Hot Movies - all places where our films are syndicated! Please seek out those site’s affiliate programs to get started. This is different from being a direct affiliate of TROUBLEfilms web network, where you make money for linking to your sets and videos on the pay sites.

  • I have a complaint about how my shoot went, what do I do?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    Courtney is always available to hear these complaints without any risk of losing future gigs, and absolutely no judgement. TROUBLEfilms take the ethical standing and performer satisfaction of our sets very seriously and would jump at the chance to right any wrongs. Please send your complaint or concern to coutneytrouble at gmail dot com where they will be heard in confidence and responded to with respect and dignity.  If the performers have any thoughts as to how their grievances can be remedied or how we can avoid similar situations in the future, we would love to hear them so that things are handled correctly. Thanks!

  • What happens if someone contacts TROUBLEfilms to report sexual abuse or rape?
    TROUBLE films11-12-2014

    Performers who commit sexual abuse or rape either on set or within their community are no longer welcome to shoot for TROUBLEfilms for at least a year if not permanently to ensure the safety of other performers who work for our company and maintain customer satisfaction and community accountability. Every situation is dealt with on a case by case basis, but the year long ban is the minimum action taken. Your content and profile may also be removed from the network if deemed appropriate and affiliate accounts reduced to the standard percentage. TROUBLEfilms will notify you of any action taken.