Tangled Wings: A Queer Porn Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, Ari Crow was feeling wistful and lonesome in a dewy meadow with no one to complete her fairy ring. Enter genderqueer fairy friends Penelope and Mad Kate in a flurry of glittery kisses and fluttering wings. Together they hold hands and cast a mischievous magic spell, sending all three to a world of giggling and pleasure! Made… (keep going) see page

Jacques Le Femme and Ruckus

Running late for the goth club, Ruckus begs his roommate Jacques to help him get ready. But after spending that much time so close to Ruckus’ hypnotizing face, Jacques melts and goes in for a kiss! Ruckus returns his forward move, and these two end up smearing their lipstick all over each other’s cocks and faces – this femme fuck… (keep going) see page

Jade Phillips, Alaya Stone, Cinnamon Maxxine

VIP Members Watch Now Buy this scene from our clip store Join QueerPorn.TV QPTV all stars Jade Phillips and Cinnamon Maxxine came together to usher a new porn star into our land of queer candy crushes, but they were not expecting Alaya Stone to take them like this. Orgasm after orgasm after earth-shattering orgasm bring Alaya’s body to a writhing,… (keep going) see page

James Darling and Papi Coxxx

Two of queer porn’s finest are filmed together at last, and holy fuck was it a match made in queer porn heaven. Papi brings out the powerful switch in James Darling, and after James blows Papi’s awesome strap on cock, and gets fucked by both the cock and the stainless steel porn super-toy the Eleven – they switch, and James… (keep going) see page

Hayley Fingersmith and Jacques LeFemme Part Two

VIP Lounge Members: Watch Right Now Not a member yet? No Worries – sign up here! In Part Two of this epic story, house boy Jacques LeFemme sits on top on Hayley’s gigantic clit and rides her until he comes, then Hayley fucks him in a million other positions until she’s overwhelmed with orgasms.… (keep going) see page

Kitty Stryker & Eden Alexander

[jwplayer config=”trailer” mediaid=”3737″ width=”98%” height=”365″] VIP Members: Click Here to Watch Now! More Information It’s a slumber party, and while you weren’t invited, it looks like Kitty and Eden left the door open for you to peek inside! Eden convinces Kitty to try kissing a girl for the first time, and what happens next is positively lesbionic, and certainly not… (keep going) see page

Safer Sex Is Hot – Government Regulation is Not

*This blog post is a BLOG JINX! entry, posted simutaneously with my good friend Jiz Lee on an identical subject. We have tackled this subject before, but thought we could use a re-visit as it’s close to election day. You can read Jiz Lee’s post on Measure B and Safer Sex here. This month, the citizens of LA County will… (keep going) see page