Sibling Rivalry! Eliza Allure and Kitty Stryker Go At It!

UH OH, Daddy’s got a little situation on his hands…. Eliza and Kitty are cut throat (make believe, though totally believable!) sisters who are STILL sharing a bedroom – and they just can’t seem to learn how to share their toys OR play nice!!!! Members Only: Watch Full Scene Here!  … (keep going) see page

Kay Garnellen and Sadie Lune

Sadie Lune is devoted to her captain, but when she follows his orders and leaves him stranded and bound in the boughs of a storm-tormented ship, something much deeper than devotion occurs. Kay goes mad in the solitary hell of his dark cell, and a Hitachi and clothespins weilding mermaid makes him face his ultimate fear, surrender. This live performance… (keep going) see page

Hayley Fingersmith and Jacques LeFemme Part Two

VIP Lounge Members: Watch Right Now Not a member yet? No Worries – sign up here! In Part Two of this epic story, house boy Jacques LeFemme sits on top on Hayley’s gigantic clit and rides her until he comes, then Hayley fucks him in a million other positions until she’s overwhelmed with orgasms.… (keep going) see page

Hayley Fingersmith and Jacques LeFemme

VIP Lounge Members, Watch the full scene now! Not a member of our VIP Lounge? Get more information here. This is a power-dynamic heavy, intensely romantic, raunchy, and dirty love scene between a trans woman and a trans man, in an unforgettable houseboy and goddess scene you’ll be watching in repeat for the rest. of. your. life.… (keep going) see page

Maggie Mayhem & Ned

VIP Lounge Watch Now for Free: Log In More Information Where rough kinky sex and passionate romance intersect, Maggie Mayhem and Ned hold court. In our longest-yet scene, raking in at 36 minutes of hardcore, ultra-realistic action! This fluid-bonded couple (hence, no condoms or barriers) brazenly show off their intimate sex life, slapping, dirty talking, and furiously fucking their way… (keep going) see page

Courtney Trouble & Mr. Gray Part Two

[jwplayer config=”trailer” file=”” image=””] VIP Lounge Members, Watch Now! As the culmination of Courtney Trouble‘s training, Mr. Gray places her in a leather sling and punches her pussy til she squirts puddles all over the Aslan Leather store. Courtney endures tit torture and verbal degradation to earn Mr. Gray’s hands and cock in her gushing cunt. Mr. Gray has a… (keep going) see page

Tina Horn pays James Darling and Vid Tuesday to fuck in a brothel

This photoset is straight from the Tricks/Whores montage in Courtney Trouble’s film Bordello, Tina’s a “trick” at the queer brothel, and Vid and James are her chosen playmates for the evening. It’ that age-old boy-boy-girl fantasy, where the girl makes the boys make out and fuck before they get to have her. Except this scene is very, very queer –… (keep going) see page