Coop’s Fantasy: April & Karla

Hot bods, polka dots, and devilish grins – April Flores and Karla Lane are ideal subjects for this dreamy girl/girl gonzo escapade, shot in artist coop‘s studio – where this T&A looks like it’s part of the permanent collection! Courtney Trouble squirms behind the camera as Karla and April tease the lense mercilessly with their gorgeous tits, ass, thighs, bellies,… (keep going) see page

Courtney Trouble and Paris Kennedy: Hotel Fuck

At Indie Porn Revolution, we fucking love Femmes. A LOT. Fierce queer porn star femmes? HELL YES. This scene stars our sites very own Courtney Trouble, and one of our fave babes, Paris Kennedy. This is one of those scenes for those who just can’t wait to start fucking. Courtney thrusts Paris’s hand inside their pussy from the moment the… (keep going) see page

Courtney Trouble and Judy Minx

There’s just nothing sweeter than two femmes fucking. Whiskey kisses, sleepless nights in hotels, smeared red lips on perfectly smooth skin. Fetishes revealed, raw passion exploding. This is like nothing you’ve ever seen in porn. Real femmes who really love to fuck other femmes, given the perfect opportunity to stay up all night and do whatever they want to each… (keep going) see page

Kitty Stryker & Eden Alexander

[jwplayer config=”trailer” mediaid=”3737″ width=”98%” height=”365″] VIP Members: Click Here to Watch Now! More Information It’s a slumber party, and while you weren’t invited, it looks like Kitty and Eden left the door open for you to peek inside! Eden convinces Kitty to try kissing a girl for the first time, and what happens next is positively lesbionic, and certainly not… (keep going) see page

Dylan Ryan & April Flores

Two of our absolute favorite ladies, Dylan Ryan and April Flores, kick off pride month with some seriously hot queer girl/girl action, including pussy licking, fingering, fucking with a stainless steel double dildo, squirting, and smearing red lipstick all over each other’s bodies. Damn it feels good to be queer! 40 Photos / Photography by Courtney Trouble Not a Member?… (keep going) see page

April Flores & Dylan Ryan : Girl Love

Girl/Girl’s got a bad reputation, but it’s not nearly as naughty as the real thing… Let the experts show you what ladies do in bed! Dylan Ryan and April Flores, both recipient’s of the Feminist Porn Award’s Heartthrob of the Year award, came into this scene with butterflies in their tummies – but ended up leaving come stains all over… (keep going) see page

Maxine Holloway & Courtney Trouble!

Say hello to our newest No Fauxxx Fox, Maxine Holloway! She’s a queer high femme hottie with porn star quality and a sweet, demure, fresh-on-the-scene attitude. She hooked up with Trouble for a scene in a movie she’s making called  The Outlaw.     Not a Member? Join Now so you can see this right now!… (keep going) see page