Parker Reed & Milcah Halili

Imagine summer in Brooklyn. Parker and Milcah both have a lot of energy, and their play turns dramatically sexual when Milcah starts licking Parker clean in a wrestling match. Milcah wins the match and proceeds to daddy Parker around. First he has Parker get him super wet, then he flips him over and fucks is hole hard and steady. There’s… (keep going) see page

FTMFucker Releases Gay Hardcore Film “Trans Guys Love Cock”

Want to review? Email James Darling of FTMFucker has released an all out gay hardcore film called “Trans Guys Love Cock“, featuring some of the hottest trans male performers with an insatiable love for hard dick. If you love tattooed, masculine men and filthy gay porn, you’re gonna love to watch these hot guys pounding FTM holes and taking… (keep going) see page

Trans Guys Love Cock

Trans Guys Love Cock Directed by James Darling Release: June 2015 Produced By: FTMFucker Starring: Cyd St Vincent, Ruckus, Rex, Power Jones Tattooed bonus hole hottie Cyd St. Vincent finds Ruckus fucking a blowup doll on his bed and gets the horny perv to fill Cyd’s wet and hungry holes instead. Daddy Power Jones needs to piss and Rex is… (keep going) see page

Chelsea Poe Invites Ruckus and B Nefarious over for some Bisexual Threesome Fun!

Embed: Start at: In this groundbreaking scene, two boys hungrily make out and suck each other’s cocks while trans porn star Chelsea Poe takes advantage of their horniness in her own ways. Featuring a powerful internet orgasm by Chelsea that leaves her a little cross eyed, as well as a simultaneous double cum shot from the boys, Ruckus and Nefarious!  … (keep going) see page

Jacques Le Femme and Ruckus

Running late for the goth club, Ruckus begs his roommate Jacques to help him get ready. But after spending that much time so close to Ruckus’ hypnotizing face, Jacques melts and goes in for a kiss! Ruckus returns his forward move, and these two end up smearing their lipstick all over each other’s cocks and faces – this femme fuck… (keep going) see page