Julie Simone joins TROUBLEfilms!

The Indie Porn Pioneer & the Queer Porn Icon unveil a fierce new partnership. TROUBLEfilms has begun unrolling titles from AVN Hall of Famer Julie Simone’s collection of hard-hitting lesbian and queer fetish pornography through their retail outlets troublefilms.com/shop and realqueerporn.com. They have also released the first of many excerpts of these films to their subscribing members at QueerPorn.TV and… (keep going) see page

Ena & G.G.

Ena’s the hottest queer femme in Berlin, and G.G. is her equally gorgeous real-life girlfriend. I had a lot of fun with this one, using only a black light and a flashlight to light the scene in Ena’s stark and sexy scene-starting sex-positive art gallery, Buffet. This is only half the scene, what you’re missing is how Ena thanks G.G.… (keep going) see page

Blond Stud & Ju: Scene from Roulette Berlin

For Day Four of our Feminist Porn Awards Week, we offer up to you a hardcore, sexy, kinky video from our new friends over in Europe, Blond Stud and Ju! This kinky pair, already long-distance lovers, met up in Berlin to shoot with me during the Berlin Porn Filmfestival – and I am so glad they did! I love the… (keep going) see page


Anja is one of the most delicious ex patriots we’ve ever met. Before living in Germany, she ran around the Bay Area like she owned the place. We are sure she’s just as fierce in her new home in Berlin, where we shot this incredibly intimate solo masturbation scene in a really cute hotel room. This scene is lit only… (keep going) see page