Trouble’s Fantasy: High Fidelity Femme

J. L.F came to Trouble on a rough afternoon and charmed the pants off of them. Seductive, slow moving, and sweet moves get Trouble on their back, ready for JLF to make them come. Members Only: Watch Video Here!… (keep going) see page

Jacques Le Femme and Ruckus

Running late for the goth club, Ruckus begs his roommate Jacques to help him get ready. But after spending that much time so close to Ruckus’ hypnotizing face, Jacques melts and goes in for a kiss! Ruckus returns his forward move, and these two end up smearing their lipstick all over each other’s cocks and faces – this femme fuck… (keep going) see page

Jacques Le Femme Goes Goth!

It may be that time of year when people start digging out their cute, spooky, silly, scary, sexy costumes… but not Jacques. He’s been wearing daring outfits like this all year round! Fantasy, fashion, and sexuality blend easy for Mr. Le Femme, it’s one of the things we love about him! 96  photos / photos by Courtney Trouble Not a… (keep going) see page

Jacques LeFemme is Magical and Naked and Perfect in His Bedroom

It’s so rare you transcend the porn tropes and get a direct line into a performer’s heart, but this photo set takes us as close as we can possibly get to Jacques – straight into his seductive bedroom. Fully naked and playing with a knife, Jacques gives us some insight into what makes him so irresistible. 77 photos / photos… (keep going) see page

Cum and Glitter: Jade Phillips and Jacques LeFemme – Balance

Embed: Start at: Cum and Glitter is back again with two muscular trans men babes, Jacques LeFemme and Jade Phillips, doing amazing acrobatics! Watch these two sweaty queers balance and move with grace, completely in the buff. If the acrobatics don’t do it for you, the amazing strength and muscles of these gorgeous, glittery, queers will. Who knows, maybe they’ll… (keep going) see page

Hayley Fingersmith and Jacques LeFemme Part Two

VIP Lounge Members: Watch Right Now Not a member yet? No Worries – sign up here! In Part Two of this epic story, house boy Jacques LeFemme sits on top on Hayley’s gigantic clit and rides her until he comes, then Hayley fucks him in a million other positions until she’s overwhelmed with orgasms.… (keep going) see page

Hayley Fingersmith and Jacques LeFemme

VIP Lounge Members, Watch the full scene now! Not a member of our VIP Lounge? Get more information here. This is a power-dynamic heavy, intensely romantic, raunchy, and dirty love scene between a trans woman and a trans man, in an unforgettable houseboy and goddess scene you’ll be watching in repeat for the rest. of. your. life.… (keep going) see page