Tangled Wings: A Queer Porn Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, Ari Crow was feeling wistful and lonesome in a dewy meadow with no one to complete her fairy ring. Enter genderqueer fairy friends Penelope and Mad Kate in a flurry of glittery kisses and fluttering wings. Together they hold hands and cast a mischievous magic spell, sending all three to a world of giggling and pleasure! Made… (keep going) see page

Bruise Violet’s Retro Records

Bruise Violet can’t wait to come home, relax, and listen to some of her favourite records. She strips off to get more comfortable, her headphones filling her heart with all the songs she loves. This set is filled with bright colours and big smiles! 97  photos / photos by Courtney Trouble  … (keep going) see page

Jiz Lee Gets Soaking Wet in a Wet Suit

In one of our largest photo sets ever, Jiz Lee splashes around in a luxurious shower, letting their iconic body soak up the drips. I think they’re gonna get you wet too… Did you bring your wet suit? Maybe Jiz will lend you theirs…   Aw fuck it, we don’t need clothes! Let’s just splash around! 145 photos / photos by… (keep going) see page

Emerald: Emerald City

Did you know it’s summer in Australia right now? That’s where we found this perfect pixie rolling around in the sun, eating cake, playing with her ponies, pussies, and disco balls. 93 photos / photos by Courtney Trouble Not a Member? Join Now for instant access to Indie Porn Revolution!… (keep going) see page

Syd Blakovich, Jiz Lee, and Madison Young: The Blakovich Spot

Embed: Start at: In a scene inspired by the cult classic porn “Deep Throat,” Jiz, Syd, and Madison bust out some serious cock sucking, hardcore fucking threesome skills. Needless to say, this is my ultimate wet dream. Enjoy the clip, and buy Nostalgia if you wanna see the whole 20 minute scene.   Member’s Only: Watch it Now! Click on… (keep going) see page

Sadie Lune & Ava Solanas

Embed: Start at: Ava’s big sister Sadie is a barefoot-and-pregnant punk rock top with a big of a jealous streak, and Ava knew exactly what to do to provoke her sister into the kinds of sexual deviancy that will get her off for good. No kitchen utensil goes un-abused in this domestic lesbian sister fuck fest! In this grande 30… (keep going) see page