Dylan Ryan and Suzie Spindryft

Dylan Ryan and Suzie Spindryft have a sexy strapon switchoff filled with pussy eating, squirting, fisting and a lot of pleased moans! Filmed by Jacqueline Mary, edited by Ajapornfilms VIP Members: Watch This Now: (This video only works if you’re logged in!) Not a member yet? Get Instant Access! Want access to more? get twice as much queer porn when… (keep going) see page

San Francisco Lesbians Wins an X Biz Award!

  TROUBLEfilms was delighted to take the Feminist Porn Release of the Year XBiz Award for their collaboration with Smash Pictures imprint Pink Velvet, “San Francisco Lesbians: SCISSR Sex App“. The trophy marked the queer studio’s first mainstream porn win, and producer Courtney Trouble was thrilled. “This past summer I had the incredible opportunity to write, direct, shoot, and star… (keep going) see page

Dylan Ryan Sweats It Out for San Francisco Lesbians 1

The first of a few exclusive sneak peeks at SMASH Pictures/Pink Velvet’s San Francisco Lesbians 1: SCISSR Sex App, directed by Courtney Trouble! Dylan Ryan stars in San Francisco Lesbians as a sexy, super-flexible jogger who cruises Daisy Ducati at Dolores Park. Here’s her cute stills from the project! Love that flex!!! 40  photos / photos by TC for SMASH… (keep going) see page

Dylan Ryan and Trucker Cash

I think we’re all in need of a little summer nostalgia, and what better to warm us up than Dylan Ryan and Trucker Cash’s scene from Roulette Dirty South?  Water play and anal sex on a sweaty, sultry summer day? July, get here already! I’m jerking off on the heat of the sex scene as well as the fantasy of… (keep going) see page

Dylan Ryan & Emma Claire Part One

VIP Members: Watch Now! Emma invites her friend Dylan over to listen to records and finally reveal her crush. Turns out Dylan’s got a crush too! These punky dykes skip the mix tapes and go straight to the fucking. Emma makes Dylan squirt buckets all over Emma’s record collection in the first half of this scene, but don’t miss part… (keep going) see page