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Hot bods, polka dots, and devilish grins – April Flores and Karla Lane are ideal subjects for this dreamy girl/girl gonzo escapade, shot in artist coop‘s studio – where this T&A looks like it’s part of the permanent collection!

Courtney Trouble squirms behind the camera as Karla and April tease the lense mercilessly with their gorgeous tits, ass, thighs, bellies, and bubbly ponytails. They have their first kiss ever right on camera, and the chemistry is instant! They play with glass toys, eat each other out, give amazing pussy shows to the camera and each other, get sloppy, get sexy, and continue to kiss and explore all of each other’s holes and curves!.. Continue Reading

April Flores picked Isiah Maxwell as her own in this fantastic scene that has playful and passionate chemistry!

Format: MP4 Download
Length: 23 minutes
Starring: April Flores, Isiah Maxwell
Shot by: Courtney Trouble.. Continue Reading

Nominated for an AVN Award for Best Solo Scene!  When April Flores wants you to watch her come, how can you possibly look away? This goddess sits on her throne, slowly stripping out of some black and pink ruffly lingerie before fucking herself with a matching glass toy!

Format: MP4
Starring: April Flores
Directed by: Courtney Trouble.. Continue Reading

April giggles, moans, and comes hard around Q-Tip’s cock before returning the favor with her hands for orgasm after orgasm [read more…]
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GLITTER is a fantasy driven queer porn film, and the directorial debut of sexually fluid artist and director, April Flores. Camera in hand, she put together a collection of scenes that represent her directorial work and visions of sensual pleasure.

Starring: April Flores, Karla Lane, Chelsea Poe, Jade Rose, Cinnamon Maxxine, James Darling, Courtney Trouble, J.lF.
Length: 1 hour, 30 minutes.
Directed by: April Flores.. Continue Reading


April Flores reverses her usual roles and goes dominant in this powerful scene with Billy Castro, owning his [read more…]
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TROUBLEfilms members can head over to XXXCT to watch the new film 17 Orgasms starring Courtney Trouble, April Flores, and Alex More. This is the first scene where Courtney and April are fucking another girl together, and they give her 17 real orgasms. Can YOU count them all?

Shot by Sinnamon Love

Length: 18 minutes.. Continue Reading

Karla was craving some lesbian loving, and got paired with the best: top trans female porn star Chelsea Poe, who gives Karla waves of orgasms and opens up her ass for Karla to pleasure. Chelsea squirts a huge load of cum in Karla’s mouth before flipping her over and making Karla cum again!

Format: MP4
Starring: Chelsea Poe, Karla Lane
Shot by: April Flores.. Continue Reading

The first film released on the official 2011 TROUBLEfilms label, this film documents multiple live sex performances on stage at the Masturbat-a-thon, an event that takes place every year at the Center for Sex and Culture. This film was made as a benefit for the Center, and subsequently allowed TROUBLEfilms to take shape. 

Format: DVD
Nina Hartley, April Flores, Jiz Lee, Tina Horn, Roger Stone, Courtney Trouble, Kimberly Cline and Jolene Parton
Directed by: Courtney Trouble.. Continue Reading

Courtney Trouble has twisted the past into the future of alternative queer porn in her upcoming release, Nostalgia.

Format: Download
Directed By: Courtney Trouble
Studio: Good Releasing
Starring: Courtney Trouble, Jiz Lee, April Flores, and more... Continue Reading

Format: Instant Download
Produced by Courtney Trouble
Directed by Courtney Trouble
Starring: Jiz Lee, James Darling, April Flores, Arabelle Raphael & Jolene Parton

We gave these babe complete freedom to be their nasty selves, and they gave us rough sex, double penetration, anal sex, pussy eating, blow jobs, strap ons, finger banging, squirting, POV, masturbation, doggy style, romance.. and loads and loads of real orgasms!! This is the kind of sex queer porn celebrities love to have – and you get to watch! This DVD has it all: cool queer babes, gushing wet orgasms, and great chemistry!


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