Individual Ticket for Training of Poe October 30th

Individual Ticket for Training of Poe October 30th


This purchase counts as a “ticket” to the donation-funded screening of TRAINING OF POE on 10/20/2020.

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This gets you into our live event


Join us for this live event on October 30th!

We will be screening Training of Poe and then having a live panel with the film-makers, Bella Vendetta and Chelsea Poe. We will discuss how they were able to get the film made, what challenges they ran into, and why they think this award-winning, beloved film turned out so well. 

Training of Poe was released in 2017 by Beautiful Revenge, Bella Vendetta’s production studio, and distributed by TROUBLEfilms. It follows Chelsea’s journey as she learns to serve and please Mistress Bella in a gorgeous long form documentary style, through the various training rooms in Bella’s dungeon to all the way to the river, where Bella whips Chelsea over a wet rock. 

This film deserves all the accolades it has received, and we are happy to be screening it for 24 hour straight starting October 29th into October 30th before the live screening and discussion with Bella and Chelsea, hosted by Courtney Trouble. Join TROUBLEfilms.Com as a member to gain access, giving you free access to the live event starting at 6pm EST.


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