My debut DVD Roulette has been out for about a month, and I’m really starting to feel the heat. NoFauxxx.Com and my movies have immediately become a full time job, and right now I’m sitting in a hotel in Vancouver BC getting ready to present Nostalgia to an audience for the very first time here at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival. It’s like one day I just woke up with my dream job, and I feel like it’s really just beginning.

Yesterday I wrapped up the editing on Speakeasy. What an ambition project that was, dear lord. I went from making two movies with interlacing vignettes to a full story line. I got to work heavily with Lorelei Lee, a star in many porn communities who is just so brilliant, gorgeous, and talented. Morty Diamond came up from L.A. to help me shoot, and I worked with a ton of seriously handsome FTM performers. It was amazing because here’s me and Morty, a queer femme and an FTM, filming other queer femmes and FTMs have sex. It was an amazing collaboration. I feel I am contributing something entirely new and exciting to the FTM porn shelf. Also, working with Jiz Lee is always such a fucking pleasure (it’s true, we’re in it for the puns, people) and introducing Billy Castro, Tomcat, and Mustache Malone to the scene is something people will be thanking me for for a long time. These men are drop dead gorgeous and any one of them could easily become the next FTM Porn Star.

The reaction to me making films has been so incredibly wonderful and amazing. Winning “Best Queer Porn” for the 35th Annual SF Bay Guardian’s Best of the Bay awards was unexpected and makes me fell so incredibly full of love for everyone who has ever posed for photos, written a blog post, or interviewed me for an academic paper, long before this credit was ever given to the project. It’s at the same time humbling and huge.

I’ve understood for a long time that the ethics model of NoFauxxx.Com has set the standard for other queer porn projects that have come around the past few years, but it’s always been such an obscure little bastard of a porn site… my little baby’s all grown up now, and I’m about to go full force with everything all at once. I’ve hired my darling wife as a photo editor for No Fauxxx so I can focus on the movies I’m making for Reel Queer Productions, and we’ve already started updating the porn site twice a week thanks to her diligent work.

After this already fun and relaxing trip to Canada, I’ll be going home to shoot my next movie, an adorable little social experiment of mine that’s sure to bring out some interesting results… All I’m going to say for now is that you played this game in high school, but this time the heaven lasts about 90 minutes.