While I loved Sasha Grey’s look and emotion is this movie, there was a better plot line in some of the porn she’s been in. I still can’t figure out what the plot line of this movie actually was. A rich escort’s daily trials and tribulations? A record of how often and carelessly women are used, ignored, and misunderstood by men? Was this a tale of what happens after “Pretty Woman?”

Sure, it was artsy. indie. beautifully lit. And, I’m not saying that the subtle nuances of the movie were over my head – they weren’t. I just think there were too many unanswered questions, unfulfilled arches, and badly drawn comparisons. The whole movie felt like an incomplete sentence. I mean, what happened in Vegas? That’s what movies are supposed to tell.

Sasha was fucking fantastic in this movie, and I honestly can’t wait to see her in something better than this. Maybe a movie where she’s not a struggling fancy sex worker, or a quiet city mouse. What about a feisty East Bay punk in a failing band, an action hero, a movie like Gia or Times Square or Dancer In The Dark or a John Waters film… A film with a little more thought behind it. Sasha’s got too much substance for this bullshit. She’s too smart to just be a pretty face in an psuedo-indie flick.

There. I’ve said my piece. Sorry Soderbergh.