When: October 21st 2012, 9pm-10pm
Where: The Center for Sex and Culture
What: TACTILE: Courtney Trouble’s Cafe Fist

Facebook Event: TACTILE
Press: email courtneytrouble at gmail.

Step into the warm, wet world of fisting, hands first. Courtney Trouble is hosting an exclusive, intimate, and private event for fisting fans and curious cats.

Have you never felt the sensation of a warm, wet body swallowing your fist in it’s entirety? Has it been a while? Are you a cunning cunt connoisseur?

At Cafe Fist, you will be among other fans, cats, and experts and free to speak unedited, and unashamed, of your love for fisting. Share techniques, tell secrets, and form new bonds with other fisting friends.

Let the open bar of wine, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, house-made delectable desserts, and arousing music warm you up before stepping into TACTILE and experiencing Courtney Trouble’s incredibly soft cave around your hand. Yes, that’s right, your trip into TACTILE will find you elbow deep in the queer porn icon Herself. Bound and censored  surrounded by darkness, black luminescence, and luxury, Courtney Trouble will be served up on a platform for you to experience fisting first hand.


Small Print:
– Each ticket holder will have the chance to enter TACTILE once during their stay.
– There will be guidelines posted, that must be abided by. 
– There will be latex gloves, they will be mandatory. Latex alternatives will be offered to those with allergies.
– Please come with short trimmed and smooth nails.
– Only 20 tickets will be offered up for sale to the public. We will post when we sell out.  

Would you like to be invited to TACTILE: Courtney Trouble’s Cafe Fist?
Complete the form below and you will be notified of your invitation request within 48 hours. Leave your evening open. 🙂

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