Here at TROUBLEfilms we go through a lot of safer sex barriers, a lot of lube, and a lot of sex toys (thanks Babeland for being our safer sex sponsor and Pjur for being our lube sponsor)!

With so many tastes and inclinations rolling around in our sheets, we’ve gotten to know some of our personal favourites really well. These are the toys that get requested over and over again by our queer porn stars. So if you’re looking for a gift for this Valentine’s Day that’s got the seal of approval from multiple happy orifices, here’s some choice instruments of pleasure to indulge in!

Andre Shakti for
Andre Shakti for

The Double Trouble: “This glass toy designed by Courtney Trouble and created by Fucking Sculptures is on the larger side, but it feels comfortable and the weight of it is really nice. The coolness of the glass, the size variation of the two ends, and the totally smooth shape make this a wonderful toy for cunts and butts alike, and being glass means it’s totally sterilizable.

The length makes it easy to use solo, and the ends make gripping pretty easy for use with a partner. One end is 4.5 cm in diameter, while the other is 5.5 cm. And the curve is perfectly designed for g-spot/ejaculation action!” – Andre Shakti

The WeVibe 4 Plus
: “Billed as a couple’s toy that can be inserted and used to vibrate against the clit and g-spot while penetration is also happening, my partner found that she liked this best for the shape rather than the vibration. Holding the toy in during sex allowed me to rub one vibe against my clit in just the right position while also preventing it from popping out. She seemed to really enjoy having my cock push the Wevibe’s internal nub firmly against her g-spot. The vibrations went pretty unnoticed by me, as did the toy itself (I couldn’t feel when it was in or out, honestly) but she got off on the little extra stimulation. The fact that it wasn’t uncomfortable and didn’t get in the way for me is pretty good! Personally, we can generally do without the various pulsing patterns, but being able to program your own is pretty cool just in a geeky sort of way.

This version comes with a downloadable app (iPhone and Droid both) that works via Bluetooth allowing you to control the vibe for your partner even when halfway across the world, which is pretty cool. My partner said using a rocking motion in her cunt for solo stimulation felt great, and you can also wrap it around the head of a cock or use it anally, giving it a few possibilities for play. It’s 100% waterproof so could be very entertaining during sexy bathtub time. The app also shows the battery life of the toy, which is pretty rad. Oh, and if you and your lover don’t live miles apart, you can also control the toy directly via a button, or via the remote control. It all comes neatly packaged in a discreet charging station with a cover, ensuring it won’t get covered in cat hair or dust (so important for those romantic moments!)” – Ned Would

kitty and quin-43-2
Kitty Stryker and Miss Quin for upcoming film Here Kitty, Kitty

The Doxy: “This fun purple vibrator has a longer cord than the Hitachi *and* more variable settings of vibration! Going from a little lower than the low setting on its direct competitor, but going a couple pegs higher than the high vibration setting, the Doxy may have an edge on that old classic wand vibe. Also, the Doxy is blessed with a longer cord which makes easy access on all sides of the bed useful!

It can be a little loud, so be aware if you have thin walls. You have to be careful washing it as it’s not waterproof. And the material of the cushioned head is medial grade PVC- great for water based or silicone lube, not so great with oil based lubes. But the buttons are big and easy to push even if your hands are lubey, and it comes in black, pink, white and purple. All in all, recommended, especially now that Hitachi has changed their wand!” – Kitty Stryker

Pjur Original Lubricant: “Pjur is an iconic lube most well known in gay male communities, and I’ve been happy to keep it a queer sex secret until now – but after winning Progressive Pleasure Products Company of the Year at the 2015, it’s time for Pjur to be unleashed as my number one favorite, most-used-on-set lubricant. Pjur’s Original Silicone lube is so fucking good, you’ll just keep fucking until you run out- and it’s so long-lasting, so smooth, and so stationary- that basically WHO KNOWS when you’ll run out. You might just fuck forever. It lasts really long, it went a long way, it removes pretty much all friction during anal sex, it makes fisting a breeze… it’s basically a bottom’s best friend and a top’s best kept secret!” – Courtney Trouble

Screenshot 2015-02-10 19.12.09
Courtney Trouble and Jiz Lee for Courtney Trouble Fan Club #1

The Liberator Faux Fur Throe: “This Throe is a water resistant furry blanket that feels so incredibly soft and luxurious I wrap myself in it regularly, even when I’m not preparing for a squirtathon (though, especially then). I own one of the regular throes, which is velvety on one side and satiny on the other. It’s lovely, too, but I have to say the faux fur throe is far and away my favourite. It’s big (68″ x 54″) but it also comes with a stretchy strap that holds it together in a roll, making transport and storage easy. It’s also reasonably subtle- no one will know this is a water resistant sex blanket unless you tell them (or, I suppose, if they have one of their own!) The fact that you can squirt on this and then bundle it into the wash easily is a godsend, and allows me to relax, making squirting easier to achieve in the first place.

The faux fur throe only comes in the grey/black you see here in the photos, though there are other options (like the double sided velvish one as you see in this photo, or the shag one) that have a wider variety of colours. In short? If you’re a gusher, or even if you just like sex to get a little sweaty and messy, you need a throe… and this one is the royalty of the collection.” – Kitty Stryker

The Ora: “I’m a Hitachi and Double Trouble kind of slut… but there’s a part of me that flirts with these smaller, cuter, pinker, and albiet softer vibes and the Ora is kind of the perfect small, cute, pink, soft vibe. It’s the kind you can carry around for quick office pick-me-ups- a dead give-away to what I do after editing all these hot porn scenes!

I imagine that some people would pout about how it doesn’t exactly feel like getting head, or doesn’t feel like GREAT head… but I liked it. It reminded me of getting my dick licked by a sweet, perhaps shy, submissive. Which is a thought that WILL bring me over the edge, even if the strength of the vibe or the motion of the nub wasn’t doing it for me the way my usual big guns would.” – Courtney Trouble