Seven Minutes in Heaven 3

Queer gonzo porn auteur COURTNEY TROUBLE is throwing another sexy slumber party where every imaginable fantasy and fetish is on the table — and in the closet, the bathtub, and even up against a vintage jukebox! You’ll feel like you’re right there with these reality-porn rebels as they switch from top to bottom and fuck gender identity as lustily as they fuck each other — nonstop, in twosomes, threesomes, foursomes and solo. TEN hot sex scenes blur together into a wall-to-wall orgy that is complex, playful, rough and romantic. An unscripted indie fuckfest, spontaneous and completely driven by what and whom the party-goers want to do — including self-documented DIY sex scenes and video confessionals interspersed with well-lit, high-quality HD sex scenes that will make you feel like you’re part of the action!

Starring Cyd Loverboy, Red Jackhammer, Sealu Sideshow, Drew Deveaux, Casey Grey, and introducing Rusty Nails and Chastity Boner!

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