This is one of my favorite porn reviews I’ve ever read, not just because it’s about me at all, but because it’s so personal! I like the line about how bringing out the sex toys before watching porn is like making popcorn for some non-porn movie.

Anyways, read on:

I’ve been waiting for Roulette to come out for a while. It’s been a busy week and every day I’ve looked at it on my dining room table and said, “tomorrow, I’m watching this tomorrow.” It’s easy to put off the fun stuff because I always feel guilty prioritizing watching videos over calling vendors, or coming up with new marketing strategy, or, or, or whatever. Sometimes working at a sex store can be really not sexy. So this morning I decided I was going to ignore the 19 new emails since I checked at 11 last night and watch Roulette. Because I deserve it. I settled down to watch it after assembling a few toys (Delight, Medium Realistic) Getting toys together before porn is kind of like popping popcorn before watching any other kind of movie.

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