My New Project, QueerPorn.TV

a recent photo of me with dylan ryan

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I’ve got a damn good reason.

I spent my entire summer working on a brand new project, fueled by a long-time desire to create accessable porn that was as hardcore as mainstream, heteronormaltive content, yet still as sex-positive and authentic as the indie features me and my Queer Porn Mafia pals are famous for.

I have incorporated more hardcore content on my 8-year-old porn site No Fauxxx in the past year, and in my DVDs of course – but I wanted to take it a little further. I don’t want to be censored all the time. I don’t want to have to wait for the “director’s edit.” I want everything a little brighter, a little rougher, a little louder – and I also wanted to make everything extremely easy to purchase cheaply, or even give you the tools to create your own dirty Queer porn.

wolf hudson & james darling from queerporn.tvThe name of this project is QueerPorn.TV, and is co-produced with my close friend and new business soulmate, porn star and kink expert Tina Horn. We’ve been flipping our flip cam all over the place, and working with people we feel are true Queer Porn Stars, like Dylan Ryan, Wolf Hudson, Jiz Lee, Billy Castro, Madison Young, Drew Deveaux, Papi Coxxx, Judy Minx – just to name a few.

QueerPorn.TV will have exclusive video content that you can purchase either as indivual scenes, or view for free with a monthly VIP membership. It will have a community-driven portal for you to show your own amatuer videos. It will also have free-to-all live streaming shows – be they interviews with our favorite people, BDSM demonstrations, or even entire sex scenes.

While it doesn’t fully launch until mid-to-late November 2010, there is a preview trailer of our earliest shoots, full star pages with video interviews, and a blog ready to be devoured by the masses.

Queer Porn TV is also hosting a video contest right now – all you have to do is film yourself saying “I Am A Queer Porn Star” and send it to us – and you will recieve a bonafide early membership, so you can see the site, and the hardcore porn, before it’s official launch.

Well – that’s what I’ve been up to all summer. I’ll try to blog more… I’ve for sure got some porn reviews, new porn shoots, and stories to write up..

xoxo Courtney Trouble