troublefilms assistant ella making feminist porn!
troublefilms assistant ella making feminist porn!

I am looking for an editing intern to edit feminist, queer, indie porn for school credit – or just to learn some new skills. Before you go any further, please be in the bay area, have your own laptop, and have some previous editing experience. Thank you.

To apply: You MUST email me an application, resume, link to previous editing work, and cover letter to be considered for this internship. Comments and other social networking forms of communication are not considered an application!

This is not a “get free editing lessons from Courtney” session – you must already know how to edit and be interested in taking your skills to the next level and get some more experience. You will be asked to edit around 2-5 hours a week and produce final pieces on a deadline. You will, however, get a chance to be immersed in indie feminist porn, beef up your skills, and perhaps learn some additional editing skills, or take away from the experience a deeper knowledge of pornography.

Please email your resume and cover letter to courtneytrouble at gmail com, along with this application:

– Name

– Date of Birth (must be over 18)

– Location

– Current study subjects in school, if you are in school

– Why do you want a porn editing internship? What’s in it for you?

– How familiar are you with Courtney Trouble’s work? What’s your favorite film/project related to Trouble?

– List your other commitments and jobs

– Please decribe your experience in editing video.

– Please describe your current skills with Final Cut Pro 7

– Have you ever color corrected, edited sound, or worked with multiple tapes/angles while editing?

– Please include links to a sample reel of your editing work, or any short films or previous film projects you’ve edited. (You must have at least one example to be considered.) You can use YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, et cetera, to house your work.

– Please give an idea of what your schedule might be for the next 3 months – can you meet every other week? Can you work from home?


– Working for school credit can be arranged for your next semester.

– Can also be done outside of school or for no credit, just to learn/practise

– On average, 2-5 hours of editing a week at least, more if desired by intern.

– Will be working with importing raw footage from Mini DV, cutting, sound, color, dual angles, titles, and exporting for hi resolution web streaming.



– Must be in the Bay Area.

– Must have own laptop to edit on – we can provide a working copy of Final Cut Pro 7 to use for project.

– Must have some experience editing film with Final Cut Pro, just the basics will do.

– Must have a good sense of sound and color.

– Must be self-driven and motivated to finish projects on a deadline.


In return, you will receive:

– 6 month Memberships to QueerPorn.TV and IndiePornRevolution.Com

– Fuckstyles and Live Sex Show on DVD

– Two free tickets to the next Cum & Glitter performance in San Francisco.

– Written credit as Editor on all finished projects

– Editing lessons from Courtney Trouble as desired (lessons on DVD authoring, sound editing, or Photoshop can also be arranged.)