It is true. There are so many sexy, cute, fun, smart, boys out there, but Junx is a mother fucking heart throb. There have been times in my life where I would have given any thing to be a fag in his path of homoerotic destruction. I mean, those eyes! That chest! The rest of him! What a dream boat.

When I first moved here, I lived with Junx. Every night was a party. dancing in our panties in the kitchen, making zines at 4am, and laughing so loud we’d wake up the neighbors.

Junx is on NoFauxxx.Com. Some of my favorite photos in the universe.

He’s also in Gravy Train!!! and often dances naked, plays guitar, and is the life of the show.

And now, he’s in his solo project, The Younger Lovers – my favorite album of 2008 and your favorite album of 2009.

Here’s a video for “D-a-n-n-y” . Mmm Mmm good. Yummy Junx.