Courtney Trouble Releases “APRICOT FOR APRICOT”

Courtney Trouble has released “APRICOT FOR APRICOT”, a short film about fat femme desire, on the heels of their successful IndieGoGo campaign to raise money for art school.

Communicating the rejection of dating ads often stating “no femmes, no fatties”, “APRICOT FOR APRICOT” demonstrates the beauty of connection when like calls to like without using dialogue.

“I had a great time doing this project with Courtney and Cinnamon,” said performer Nomy Lamm. “We had to use peaches instead of apricots because apricots were out of season, but that was perfect because they were big and juicy just like us!  It was fun and hot and gross to smush peaches back and forth between our mouths and all over each other’s faces.  We laughed a lot!”

“APRICOT FOR APRICOT” was one of 25 shorts from different queer directors and filmmaking teams, each telling a story based on a different color/fetish of the infamous hanky code. The collection, called “Hanky Code: The Movie”, is an epic anthology feature film event that had its world premiere June 17th.

“I both liked and really hated making out with fruit in my mouth,” said Cinnamon Maxxine about the shoot. “It was disgusting and rad. Mostly disgusting.”

See the film below!