Courtney Trouble Gets A Facelift!

Just kidding. I didn’t actually get a facelift, I don’t need one!

It’s my website that got a major redesign this week, and boy did it need one.

I realised that although I’ve had this website for what, 7 years now, I have never had a place where you can see sexy photos of me from my favorite photographers, and also, my own photogrpahy portfolio had been forsaken for some time now. Both sections are alive and well now.

I will always hope that this website is theee place where my fans come to buy my films, as each sale from this site goes directly to me and my film-making fund, and each DVD you buy from this site only gets sent out straight from my very own office (sometimes, I even autograph them for you) – so please, while you enjoy the free photos I’ve put up on here to “flesh” out the site, think about buying a DVD while you’re here!

ok, that’s all from me right now. i’ve got three porn sites to run, two movies to finish, and a pork roast in the oven!!!

xoxo courtney trouble